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Customer Stories

Defending Your Clients’ Honor (And Saving Them Money)

How a developer saved her client $500 and removed over 5000 malware hacks with Defender.

“I installed Defender Pro and began removing the 5000+ issues. I was able to fix it and get it all cleaned up and resubmitted to Google and clients were SOOOO thankful! WPMU DEV made me look like THE superhero!" Read more

From Single Sites to Enterprise Hosting

KDM is leveraging WPMU DEV to buildout enterprise hosting focused on Multisite.

“When I saw the WPMU DEV Hub I was instantly struck by how well-organized it is and how much information it provides. I really wouldn’t know what to do anymore if I didn’t have that little “WPMU DEV Dashboard” link in my menus.” Read more

Customized Solutions for “Leveling Up WordPress”

Noeste IJver is customizing unique site management solutions with The Hub and our other core services to give their clients world-class products and support.

“The appeal is the combination of excellent products like WP Smush Pro, Snapshot Pro, Defender Pro, Hummingbird and The Hub. And there are so many more plugins still to discover… We’re very happy!" Read more

WPMU DEV is Worth the Money

Bethzoe, a digital development agency that builds mobile apps and WordPress sites uses WPMU DEV to provide ongoing management to their clients.

“The Hub makes it so easy to manage all our clients’ sites without the need to log in and out… we’re able to install security, caching, image optimization, backup and branding plugins in a matter of minutes and all at a very affordable price...It saves us a huge amount of time.” Read more

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Reviews from WordPress.org

tariusharry 5 Stars
Super Hot Image Optimization!

Smush is the best optimization tool for the WordPress! I’m using it on every site.

ethersav 5 Stars
Smush is Brilliant

My site has so many images and without compression it’s really hard to manage. Smush makes my pages much lighter and faster!

moisb 5 Stars
The Ultimate Marketing Plugin for WordPress

Hustle is the definitive slide-in, opt-in, and pop-ups plugin for WordPress! All the others I’ve tested are heavy and add many badly optimized is and css assets.

designwise 5 Stars
Quite Impressive!

Hustle is like a Swiss Army knife, filled with a full spectrum of tools and each of them has all sorts of custom settings. I really like it a lot.

sierradelta 5 Stars
Nothing Comes Close

Hummingbird does its job incredibly well, offers complete control. I use it on every site i’ve made because i’ve yet to find anything that can even come close.

arao3002 5 Stars
Performance Test Feature is Great!

Hummingbird helped me figure out how to best optimize my site with just the click of a button!

halcyonweb 5 Stars
Security Simplicity

I haven’t had a single problem since using Defender on our community site. Thank you for a plugin of such high quality that includes 2-Factor Authentication.

cotel 5 Stars
Solved my Hack Problems

Defender is an excellent! It allowed me to solve a hacking problem on one of my site, really amazing

goddessprojects 5 Stars
As expected from WPMU DEV, EXCELLENT!

You know, all we wanted was a simple, easy, no jump-through-hoops to get things done, form plugin. Forminator is it!

rkhiles 5 Stars
High Powered

I have used several form plugins out there for my wordpress sites, and none of them stack up to Forminator. I love Forminator, because it has more than forms, it also has polls and quizzes.

ernesto2018 5 Stars
Simply Great SEO

I love SmartCrawl. I strongly recommend it to any web developer.

shima63 5 Stars
Huge SEO Improvement

Great! SmartCrawl helped me to improve my SEO rating from 65/100 to 88/100.


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