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Deliver content closer and faster to site visitors from 112 server locations, across 6 continents. Our WordPress CDN is built right into the Smush and Hummingbird performance suite. It's also easily configurable inside of our world-class dedicated hosting and CampusPress for added speed, scalability, and security.

Tech specs

Fast, secure, and blazing-fast. Learn what makes our CDN tick.

112 server locations

Faster loading sites, served as close to visitors as possible, 112 worldwide edge locations.

+80 Tbps throughput

Optimize delivery and reduce latency with top-of-the-line AMD and NVMe hardware.

Tier 1 global network

Get wider coverage and connect to users faster via over 3000 ISPs and 14 Tier 1 transit providers.

Request coalescing

Reduces server load by combining multiple requests going to the same resource.

Smart routing

Automatically route users where it matters based on your content.

End-to-end encryption

Your data is safe and secure at all times. All network traffic is encrypted with TLS.

Built-in DDoS protection

Reduce downtime and enhance site security with built-in DDoS protection.

Unlimited Hummingbird

Enjoy unlimited Hummingbird bandwidth. Serve scripts, CSS, and JS files faster than ever.

Redundant storage

Redundant site backups stored and encrypted across multiple secure locations with AWS.

Up to 10TB Smush bandwidth

Serve images closer to your visitors and activate Automatic Resizing and WebP Conversion features.

24/7 Monitoring and support

Monitor your bandwidth usage and contact our 24/7/365 support team if you have any CDN issues.

Smarter image delivery & optimization

With Smush, our CDN moves images closer to your users, saves you money by reducing bandwidth, and speeds up sites by perfectly resizing and optimizing images to fit the screen size of each visitor. It will also automatically convert and serve images in the best format possible, including next-generation WebP in supported browsers.

Unleash Hummingbird’s unlimited CDN

Enable WPMU DEV’s CDN inside of Hummingbird Pro to serve your CSS and JS files and take even more load off your servers. Even better, due to the small size of the files being served, Hummingbird’s CDN bandwidth is completely UNLIMITED.


A CDN is a network of super-fast servers that store cached copies of your images and other files all over the world, shortening the distance your content has to travel to your visitors.

A content delivery network not only boosts page speed, but it also improves security, is more reliable, easier to scale and comes at a lower cost.

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