jQuery Plugins to Add Cool Effects to Your WordPress Site

jQuery Plugins to Add Cool Effects to Your WordPress Site

jQuery is a beautiful thing. It powers most of the fancy plugins you find that add cool, interactive effects to your WordPress site. I’ve selected a few of my favorites from the newest jQuery-powered plugins to hit the repository. Grab a cup of coffee and check out some of the possibilities available for your WordPress site.

Flicker Photo Post

Flicker Photo Post gives you the ability to add Flickr images to your WordPress posts and even crop them as necessary. The search box is AJAX-powered so that you can easily find images by keyword. After you find what you’re looking for, simply click “Insert Into Post”.

WP Sponsor Flip Wall

WP Sponsor Flip Wall is an awesome plugin based on a popular tutorial for creating boxes that flip when clicked using jQuery and CSS. The plugin gives you an easy way to upload and crop the images as well as administer your sponsors. Check out the demo to see it in action.

Custom Post Type List Shortcode

Custom Post Type List Shortcode is a simply awesome plugin. It gives you a shortcode with which you can easily list all of the posts within a post type and sort by regular or custom fields. It comes with a ton of attributes that you can easily set in the shortcode to customize the display.

Random Post Slider

Random Post Slider gives you the ability to slide posts continually using jQuery cycle to Scroll Right, Scroll Left, Scroll Up, and Scroll Down. Check out the live demo on the plugin’s homepage.

Better Backgrounds

Better Backgrounds helps you to implement full-screen backgrounds on your WordPress site. The plugin gives you a random background image every visitor session, page refresh, or timed slideshow interval. Choose between a fixed full screen or a scrolling background.


ThumbSniper dynamically shows preview screenshots of hyperlinks as tooltips on your WordPress site. It utilizes the “qTip2” jQuery plugin.

Gallery to Slideshow

Gallery to Slideshow is a very cool plugin that converts the WordPress built-in gallery into a responsive jQuery Blueberry slideShow. The best part is that it requires zero configuration from the user. Check out a live demo.

Slick Social Share Buttons

The Slick Social Share Buttons plugin adds a floating or slide out tab with Facebook, Twitter, Google +1, Linkedin, and StumbleUpon social media buttons.

Announcement Bar

The new Announcement Bar plugin gives you a fixed position header using HTML with jQuery to create a drop-down announcemnet bar that you can edit with Custom Post Types.

Simple Slideshow

The Simple Slideshow plugin is a very minimalist style slideshow that integrates well into any theme and is easy to configure. Use the shortcodes to add slideshows to your posts or pages.

Show Twitter Followers

Show Twitter Followers displays your followers in the sidebar of your WordPress site. There’s no need for a password and you can show up to 30 followers.

WP Moods

WP Moods is a unique new plugin that calculates your general mood with several criteria for which you determine the value. It lets you see a timeline of all of your moods and even display graphs of the evolution of one criterion.

Facebook Page Photo Gallery

Facebook Page Photo Gallery uses Fancybox to display a photo gallery from Facebook. Simply paste the ID of a Facebook album into the built-in shortcode and you’ll be displaying Facebook photos on your WordPress site.


The Archives plugin lets you add archive anywhere by dropping a shortcode into the post editor. You can choose from jQuery or HTML archives. The jQuery archives gives you a tabbed display, including Tag Cloud, Latest Posts, Categories and Monthly Archives.

jFlow Plus

jFlow Plus lets you create simple image sliders with text content that you can add to any post or page or place directly within your theme files. It plays nice and doesn’t interfere with any other galleries running on your site. View a live demo.

Disruptive Talk

Disruptive Talk is a phono widget which lets WordPress users call a phone number right from your site for free. The widget can call any landline phone number, sip address, or Tropo application.

Visual Form Builder

Visual Form Builder is a plugin that helps you to easily create forms in the WordPress dashboard using a simple, drag-and-drop interface. Forms include jQuery validation, a basic logic-based verification system, and entry tracking.

WD3K AJAX Sliding Contact Form

The WD3K AJAX Sliding Contact Form features a jQuery-powered sliding contact form in the left border of your WordPress site. It contains client side validation and AJAX-powered mailing, so no page refresh is required. The admin panel allows you to configure all form labels, including error messages and form status messages.

jQuery Slider

The jQuery Slider plugin is highly customizable. You can set its width, height, pagination and other parameters. Use it on a post or page via the built-in schortcode or in your theme’s template files using the php function included. Slides are be added as a slide post type from slides menu.