Need to Spice-Up Your WordPress? Try Scrolling Parallax Themes

Need to Spice-Up Your WordPress? Try Scrolling Parallax Themes

Parallax scrolling is a cool effect that can turn an otherwise dull and boring WordPress site into a sexy scrolling wonderland.

Great WordPress sites need content that engages and also an impressive design. Plus, you want to have a nice user experience to keep your visitors and customers coming back.

That’s where a parallax theme comes into play.

This web design technique makes it so background images move down the screen at a slower pace than foreground images, which gives the user the feeling of depth. Hence, it contributes to your user’s immersion and enhances their user experience.

A Parallax theme can be used on any site, from corporate and business pages to creative and portfolio sites. They’ll definitely add some visually fun aesthetics to your site and keep your users engaged.

Several Quality Parallax Themes

This post offers a round-up of responsive parallax themes. They’re all highly rated, regularly updated, and free to download.

As you scroll through, you’ll bound to find the perfect scrolling parallax template that will work with your WordPress site today!

  • Parallax

    The Parallax theme is an awesomely designed parallax WordPress theme. It’s a responsive theme with an easy to use interface when it comes to design.

    This theme has visible edit links in the customizer preview and features support.

    It’s has a solid 4.5-star review and over a thousand active installations.

  • VW Parallax

    VW Parallax is a relatively new theme, but it has a nice, feature-rich parallax template that might work great for your WordPress site.

    It’s suitable for businesses, eCommerce websites, blogs, and more. Some of the features are its sticky post option and three columns layout.

    As a fully responsive theme, it displays well on all browsers and mobile devices.

    This theme doesn’t have many reviews, but as of now, it has a 5-star rating and over a hundred active installations.

  • Parallax Eleven

    Parallax Eleven is a parallax child theme of Featuredlite & FeaturedPro.

    It comes with total customization options in terms of color and design. One of the key features of this theme is its unique gradient touch.

    With it functioning with Featuredlite and FeaturedPro, there is a ton you can do to make this parallax theme come to life, whether for a business, eCommerce store, or a blog.

    It has a 5-star rating and several hundred active installations. If you’d like a more premium option, this theme is worth checking out.

    Interested in Parallax Eleven?

  • wpparallax

    wpparallax is a one-page theme where you can create unlimited homepage sections with prebuilt layouts.

    There are numerous color options and a one-click demo import feature.  The layout can be created for any other inner pages with the assistance of widgets that are built into the theme.

    This parallax theme has a 5-star review and 500+ active installs.

  • ParallaxSome

    As a free and gorgeous parallax theme, ParallaxSome is worth trying out for your WordPress site.

    It’s very customizable and suitable for almost any type of site you’d like. Plus, it’s fully responsive and works well on any device.

    This theme comes with a variety of homepage sections that can be further customized to your liking.

    Check out this demo to see it in action and try it out for yourself.

    It’s got a nice 5-star rating and over 1000k active installs.

  • AccessPress Parallax

    The AccessPress Parallax theme is a popular option. With it, you can create an awesome parallax WordPress site for your business, eCommerce shop, agency, or anything else that’s suitable.

    It’s Elementor friendly and has six starter websites that are great to begin with.

    This theme is well-used and highly rated with 5-stars and over 9ooo active installations.

    Interested in AccessPress Parallax?

Are You Ready to Roll with the Scroll?

As you can see, there’s are some good parallax options to scroll through. Try one out today and see how improved your WordPress site can look. A parallax them will engage your audience even more with the awesome scrolling effect and visually appealing aesthetics that they create.

Your WordPress will be scrolling — and spiced-up — in no time!

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