5 Geolocation Plugins To Help You Find Your Customers

5 Geolocation Plugins To Help You Find Your Customers

What Can Geolocation Do For You?

With the introduction of this and other similar user-friendly geolocation plugins (great explanation of what it does here), the challenge of discovering where your visitors/users/customers are coming from and directing them to content that meets their needs has largely been met.   A host of new plugins are now working on trying to extend the functions and uses of geolocation for your WordPress website.

Geolocation Plugins Can Work With Your WordPress Theme
Explain Jedward To Me.

Dynamic Backgrounds

Different cultures have different ideas about what looks good and what doesn’t.  How else can you explain the Eurovision competition?  Code Canyon has come up with an interesting plugin that would allows you to change the background of your site based on the origin location of the visitor.

Geolocate  A bbPress Topic

If you have bbPress installed on your website and an international client base, then the ability to geolocate a bbPress topic may be of real interest to you.  For a fuller description of how this plugin works and what it can do, check this out.


Feedgeorge’s plugin allows you to take geotagging to the next level by mapping the resulting data.   How does it do that?  In their own words (I pared the list down to the most interesting ones):

  1. Geotag a single blog post and show the map marker on Post GeoMap.
  2. Aggregate all blog posts’ coordinate markers in a single map and publish on the homepage of their blogs.
  3. Show all markers in heatmap or single map marker format in the aggregated map on homepage.
  4. Draw (or import) a polygon on map and export it in KML format.

Post By Location

MyGeoPosition.com‘s plugin gives you the ability to tag your content to an even finer degree than the earlier geolocation plugins and applications.  With their new offerings you can:  add Geo-Metatags to posts & pages, add Geo-Posttags to posts, add Geo-Feedtags to newsfeeds, and add Geo-Microformats to posts & pages.

You Can Target Not Only Customers, But Also Affiliates Marketers
Throw Out The Right Bait, Catch The Right Fish.

Affiliate Marketing By Country

This plugin from Worpit allows you to restrict what content is visible to which users based on their location using only shortcodes.  A cool enough function on its own, they have also added this unique and very exciting feature:

As of version 2.0 I have included functionality so you can dynamically generate Amazon Associate/Affiliate links based on the visitor’s country. You simply specify your amazon associate tags and the plugin will do the rest.

and one more…

Lost Your Phone?

This plugin doesn’t strictly speaking help you to find customers or meet visitors needs, but I thought it was too interesting to escape mention.   When you enter your phone’s information, the plugin will track the distance between your phone and the location of your users.  Again, I am not sure what you do with such a thing, but I think that it could potentially be a very useful application for the future.  Do any of you readers have an idea for what, how, when, where, and why it might be used?