5 Must Join Slack Workspaces For WordPress Pros and Developers

5 Must Join Slack Workspaces For WordPress Pros and Developers

Slack mimics the way large groups naturally communicate but with tide pod emojis, savage bots, magic 8 ball decision making and of course gifs! No wonder the WordPress community has started to use Slack to coordinate activity.

Slack stands for Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge (I say we just stick with Slack). It’s more than just a glorified text message platform, it’s a central knowledge base where ideas evolve as they’re recorded and shared openly, rather than entombed in email inboxes or lost in a social media stream. Becoming a part of these different communities can help you increase your profile in the WordPress community.

In this post, I’m going to share some of the top Slack workspaces where you’ll find the best and brightest moving WordPress projects along. Don’t be afraid to get right on in there and introduce yourself and start sharing what you know.

All Work and No Play Makes Slack a Dull Boy

Slack workspaces are communities, just like the literally millions of groups found on LinkedIn and Facebook. But there are just a couple hundred communities on Slack.

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To join a Slack workspace, you need to be allowed by the admin. For public workspaces, the process is automatic. You just enter your email and an invitation is automatically sent to you. For private Slack workspaces, you’ll need to be approved before you receive an invite.

Here’s the WordPress Slack workspaces that only the cool kids know about. Don’t tell them I told you.

WordPress + Slack

The main WordPress Slack community is at WordPress + Slack. Not only is this the largest WordPress Slack workspace, it’s one of the largest Slack communities on the web. There is a lot going on.

There are over 80 channels on different topics ranging from bbPress, BuddyPress, accessibility, WP-CLI, Core to translations and more.

You’ll also find channels for WordCamp EU and WordCamp US so you can follow up on all those connections you made ;)

Screenshot of instructions: you will receive an email with invite to join.
Slack will create a chat.wordpress.org email that will forward to your personal email address

To join, login to wordpress.org or create an account to get started. You’ll then scroll down to the Joining the WordPress team on Slack section and click on the I understand. Please send me an invite link.

This will send an invite to the email associated with your WordPress.org account. Open up the email, click on the link and proceed to Slack.

WordPress Governance Project Landing Page
The WP Governance Project Slack is brand new

The WordPress Governance Project

First announced at WordCamp US 2018, the WordPress Governance Project aims to explore and define the principles, leadership and governance model for the WordPress open source project.

When you join WordPress.org, you’ll get an @chat.WordPress.org email address that forwards to the personal email address you chose to associate with your WordPress.org account.

You’ll use the same @chat.WordPress.org email to join the WordPress Governance Project Slack workspace. Your email will be your WordPress.org [email protected]

The confirmation email will take you to Slack where you will enter your name and agree to the terms of service.

Screenshot of WooCommerce Slack Join Page
Need a dev? Here’s where they’re hiding

WP Developers’ Club

Even though it has club in the name, the WP Developers Club is completely free to join. You don’t need to be a developer either, although the channels are dedicated to topics developers are most interested in.

There are channels devoted to the different code languages, and channels that aren’t tech related. There’s channels for gigs, mentorship and that shameless self promotion that keeps that makes the world go round.

It’s the second largest WordPress Slack community, right behind WordPress + Slack.

Forminator Contact Form Slack Integrations

Screenshot of WooCommerce Slack Join Page
There’s a lot of activity going on in the WooCommerce channels


There’s a lot of WooCommerce troubleshooting going on in the WooCommerce Slack. This makes it a great log of known issues with WooCommerce and a central location for other valuable information such as WooCommerce meetups, hosting for WooComm, and more.

The WordPress WooCommerce group has channels on everything from development to themes to extensions. There’s even un canal en español.

This is a great place to get help on WooCommerce issues or hire a WooCommerce expert who knows what they’re doing.

Screenshot of WPMU DEV SIG Slack Welcome Message
Building something cool with WPMU DEV tools? Tell us about it!

WPMU DEV Special Interest Group

Are you interested in getting more involved in the WPMU DEV community? Our forums are overflowing with eager experts who want to help. Seriously, lots of good information there. Members also get access to a private forum area.

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There is also the WPMU DEV Special Interest Group or SIG, who use Slack to coordinate the efforts of the larger WordPress community who are building awesome new things with WPMU DEV tools. Plus, it’s open for members and non-members to join.

If you have an idea for a feature or custom integration you need, but have no idea how to build it, share it on the SIG Slack. Outside developers are always looking for new ideas for extensions and plugins to build.

Slack of All Trades

Slack is exploding in popularity. Even NASA has switched over to Slack for the last Mars mission.

It’s a great time to get involved or start your own WordPress Slack community. You can create one for your WordPress business or for your local meetup. Starting your own Slack workspace is free and pretty easy.

How Slack Has Completely Changed the Way We Work at WPMU DEV

Did you know Forminator has a Slack integration? You can use Forminator to create a sign up page for your WordPress community. Additionally, you can alert your team on Slack when someone fills out a contact form. Best of all, you don’t have to pay an additional fee to access Forminator integrations on the free version of Forminator.

So what are you waiting for?!

Have you jumped on the Slack bandwagon yet? Do you have any tips and tricks for getting more out of Slack?
Felicia Ceballos-Marroquin
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