5 Free WordPress PayPal Plugins You Would Most Gladly Pay For

5 Free WordPress PayPal Plugins You Would Most Gladly Pay For

Some WordPress users require full-blown eCommerce solutions; however, some don’t need quite that much. Still, they need a solution that will let them sell their products with confidence through PayPal and give them some payment processing options at the same time.

In this post, we’ll go over 5 PayPal plugins that let you do everything from taking donations to adding a shopping cart right to your site.

  • 1. Simple Paypal Shopping Cart

    The Simple Paypal Shopping Cart plugin does indeed make adding a PayPal shopping cart to your site.

    Working with shortcodes, you can easily add a PayPal button to a page, but then you can also add a cart right to that same page or to another page. When the user clicks “View Cart,” they will be able to see the items in their cart and the price – all while still on your site.

    They can then click a button that lets them check out. Then they are redirected back to a Thank You page on your site.

    In addition, you can include shipping costs as well as allow for coupon codes.

  • 2. Ultra Simple PayPal Shopping Cart

    The WP Ultra Simple PayPal Shopping Cart plugin, despite its name, let’s you get fairly sophisticated with what you add to your site.

    Running off shortcodes, you can configure them to offer users quite a lot of choices, such as giving them a choice to choose small, medium, or large (as one example), or even letting them combine a number of different variation – for example: choose a color and choose a size.

    You can also include PayPal based shipping, a free shipping option, a free shipping option if a certain number of orders are placed.

    You can add taxes, show thumbnails in the cart, and more.

  • 3. WP Easy PayPal Payment Accept

    The WP Easy PayPal Payment Accept plugin lets you set up a “Pay Now” PayPal button on your site. You can add up to six different choices for a widget. You can build as many widgets as you like with shortcodes.

    The “widgets” here are PayPal widgets, not WordPress widgets, and so you can place them where you like – in a post or a page, for example. Of course you can also put them in WordPress widget slots.

    In addition to payments, you can also switch the plugin to accept donations.

  • 4. Quick PayPal Payments

    The Quick PayPal Payments plugin offers a number of nice options, including a number of options that other plugins here off, such as having a Thank You page, having the ability to add options (and more than one set of options), the ability to add shipping, a coupon code, and even a processing fee.

    But one thing that seems to set this plugin apart is its Styling section – admin controls that let you style the payment box in all sorts of way – form border, background, font styles, header color, input fields, coupon button, submit button, and a spot for custom CSS. While styling might not be important to some, to others it may be very important. If it’s important to you, you may want to consider this plugin.

    It also comes with a widget.

  • 5. PayPal Donations

    The PayPal Donations plugin, unlike the other plugins here, is donations-only plugin. You can get a multitude of donation buttons on your site with a shortcode or a widget. There are options for different currencies, a Thank You page, different default countries and languages, as well as using your own button, and a number of other more technical choices.

    While not as involved as some of the other plugins listed here, it you’re simply looking for a donation button, you might want to consider this one.