7 Celebrities You’d Never Expect To Be Using WordPress

7 Celebrities You’d Never Expect To Be Using WordPress

Few people take the time to browse through the featured users page on wordpress.org but every now and again I like to update myself on the latest submissions. WordPress may have started as a blogging platform but it has become so much more. There are websites in virtually every industry but tonight I thought I’d touch on seven celebrities…

1) Jay Z

If you haven’t heard of Jay Z you’re either over 50 years old of living under a rock. This website is pretty much nothing more than a blog but it looks really engaging on the home page with a collage of featured images from edge to edge. Kind of looks like the Mansion Theme by Thad Allender over at Graph Paper Press.


2) Sylvester Stallone

We all know and love the one and only Rocky Balboa aka Sylvester Stallone. Little did I know he is more than an actor but a book author, fitness expert and a painter! Looks like he is using WordPress to showcase his multiple talents… I wonder if he’s a Gemini. Stallone’s website is probably the most corporate, clean-cut design in this whole list. He’s probably the oldest celebrity on this list too.


3) Bon Iver

Bon Iver recently awarded Best New Artist at the 54th Grammy Awards in 2012 and uses WordPress to power their official website. When I first logged onto his website I was a bit taken by the fact that he has this music video playing in the background. Typically you have an mp3 streaming in the background of most band websites but Bon Iver one-upped everyone with video but this is what really took me back… their video stream is continuous as you browse through his site!



This girl is my #1 in this list… namely because she’s a fellow Canadian I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing on my blog before she blew up. She calls herself LIGHTS and I think just about every teenie bopper is wearing that same headband she wears. LIGHTS uses wordpress as a hub for all her social networks as the be all end all for her fans. WordPress is very plug & play with social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google + and so on.


5) Jazon Mraz

Finally, here is a band site that doesn’t use a third-party to power their online store. It’s hard to say what plugin Jason is using but my guess is it’s the one and only WP-E-Commerce plugin which was originally designed for record labels and artists alike. I tried digging through his source code and recognized some of the CSS classes as coming from that very plugin if not WordPress. Makes me happy to see someone of this stature using the same tools I do :)


6) Perez Hilton

Not to be confused with Paris Hilton, Perez Hilton is “The Queen of Media“… what I think is most valuable on this website is the self-hosted video player showcased as “Perez TV”.  If I were to guess what plugin he is using for the video player I would say it looks a lot like the JW Media Player with a custom player skin. It has pre-roll commercials just like Youtube which is a terrific feature of the Longtail Video Ad solution which is partnered with the JW Media Player.


7) Kevin Smith

Do you remember Jay and Silent Bob? Yeah, whatever happened to those guys? I hear Jason Mewes is up here in Canada working on his new career as a video director. Kevin Smith is also doing his own thing as an author/blogger/comic. If you like creeping into the celebrity life Kevin Smith is an open book and a heavy duty blogger. His website is more of a traditional wordpress blog which is for the most part, storytelling and what better platform for a story than WordPress?


Now for my closing comments. Notice how none of these websites look alike and yet all of them are built with WordPress. I think of it as my duty to present some of these featured WordPress users to anyone who does not already love it as much as I do. More often than not, I have to disprove a prospective client who says that all WordPress sites look the same which is why they don’t want anything to do with it. Here lies living proof that WordPress is only limited by your own imagination.