Hi, I’m James Farmer, CEO of WPMU DEV. Ask Me Anything! Plus, Free Webinar and Live Q&A

Hi, I’m James Farmer, CEO of WPMU DEV. Ask Me Anything! Plus, Free Webinar and Live Q&A

Join our CEO James Farmer today for a free webinar, live Q&A and AMA about figuring out the feasibility of your internet business.

Not sure if your business idea is niche enough? Or if you’re expert enough to pull it off? Put your questions to James and get straight up, honest advice.

The webinar will kick off at 6pm EST, with a live Q&A at 6.30pm EST. Until then – and after then – you can ask James anything right here about business, just leave your comment below.

To join the webinar and Q&A, head to our Google+ event page.

WPMU DEV CEO James Farmer.
WPMU DEV CEO James Farmer.

Meet James Farmer

If you regularly read our blog James needs no introduction.

He recently “celebrated” 10 years as one of the earliest WordPress entrepreneurs, growing WPMU DEV from a one-man backyard, garden shed operation to what it is today, the largest online premium plugin provider for WordPress, with a distributed team of 50 staff around the world.

He also founded Edublogs, the world’s largest educational blogging network.

If you need to recap or want to find out more about James can read up on stuff he’s done here and here.

The webinar titled, Niche Enough? Expert Enough? New Enough? Figuring Out the Feasibility of Your Internet Business, will be followed by a live Q&A, allowing you to put your questions to James for 100% honest advice in plain English.

Our first AMA with Project and Quality Assurance Manager Jack Kitterhing was a success and attracted a great response from readers. Readers threw some tough questions at him, which he certainly didn’t shy away from!

Join Our Webinar, Q&A and AMA

Anyone is welcome to ask a question in the comments below from until September 1 to 10.59am US EST. This post will be open for comments for 24 hours, giving readers in all time zones the opportunity to put a question to James.

The webinar will start at 6pm US EST. To watch, head to our Google+ page for the event. The Q&A will begin immediately after the webinar, during which James will answers questions live.

Both the webinar and Q&A will be available to watch here in this post afterwards.

We’re looking forward to your business questions and some great discussion!


You can watch the video of the webinar and Q&A below: