BuddyPress Location Check-Ins Plugin Now in Beta

BuddyPress Location Check-Ins Plugin Now in Beta

Location check-ins are an exciting part of social networks that let members keep track of their friends doing fun things in fun places. Users love to broadcast their locations and the option to check in keeps them coming back to visit the site, especially via mobile devices.

BuddyPress developer @imath has been working on a Check-Ins plugin for BuddyPress. The project first started as an experiment and now imath has released a beta version to the community. BP Check-ins uses the HTML5 geolocation API. It allows BuddyPress users or groups to check-in at their locations by clicking on location marker in the status box. The browser will prompt the user for permission before detecting and braodcasting the location.

Once the check-in is posted to the activity stream, it will have its own permalink. Click on the link and you will see the details on the map:

Members can also visit each other’s profiles to see a map of the user’s check-ins at the top of the page:

Want to see exactly how the plugin works? Check out the demo video:

You can download the BP Checkins plugin for free from imath’s website. It requires WordPress 3.3.1 and BuddyPress 1.5.5. Please remember that BP Checkins is a beta and is still in progress, so you probably should not use it on a production site. Any feedback you can offer will be helpful. Please feel free to drop imath a note on his site.

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