Expire WordPress Content Automatically With a Shortcode

Expire WordPress Content Automatically With a Shortcode

expirationSimple Content Expiry is a plugin that gives you the ability to assign an expiration date to your content. While many plugins out there will let you expire an entire post, this new plugin offers more control.

Simple Content Expiry offers you a shortcode that you can use within your post to expire certain sections of content. For example, you may want to set up a coupon or a voucher, or some event-specific information to expire on a certain day. This plugin would be perfect for automatically handling that for you.

Here’s an example usage:

[expire date="20120101"]This content will disapear on 01/01/2012![/expire]

Now you can set time-sensitive content to expire automatically while you’re enjoying a beer outside on the deck. How’s that for a CMS that works for you?

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