Introducing WP.MU

Introducing WP.MU boxWe’ve been working on a bit of a super cool project for the last few months that we think you’ll be interested in.

Not only because it’s got the best domain name ever, but also because it makes what was once difficult, cumbersome and tricky – simple, quick and easy.

Introducing our very own WordPress MU Installation and Hosting Service – WP.MU.

Here’s how it works:

1. You bring your own domain name and set up the nameservers as you please

2. You fill out our simple form and pay a once off fee

3. We install and configure the latest version of WPMU for you complete with all WPMU DEV Premium Plugins, over 100 themes (tested and ready to go), over 30 languages, a stack of regular plugins for your users

And that’s it – you receive FTP details, login information and everything else that you might require and you’re away.

You can use it for yourself or for your clients – and of course you can get support for all of our custom plugins and themes (as well as any new ones we release) at WPMU DEV Premium (not to mention teh videos, advanced MU discussion etc. etc.)

So, whaddya reckon to that! We’d love to know your thoughts, feedback and questions – so fire away!

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