Learn JavaScript for WordPress at WPMU DEV…. For Free!

Learn JavaScript for WordPress at WPMU DEV…. For Free!

Are you a WordPress developer? Or wanna be one? Well, according to Matt Mullenweg himself you should “Learn JavaScript, deeply” and hey, why not do that from WordPress expert (and Smashing Magazine WordPress editor) Daniel Pataki, here at WPMU DEV, for free?

For Free? Yep, if you are a current member you don’t have to pay a penny – just hop over and enroll today.

And if you are not a WPMU DEV member, take a free trial today and get the first two weeks for free. Then you can make the stupendously easy decision ≠ you can set that up by clicking the button in the navigation or by visiting our homepage to find out more.

That’s right, tons of WordPress knowledge, peer review, instructor feedback and certification, for free for WPMU DEV membersStart Learning

So, what do you get? Well, it’s a seven-part course covering everything from objects and arrays to jQuery and AJAX, which you can start today, for absolutely nothing.

So what’s your excuse?

You don’t have one :)

Here’s the overview:

JavaScript for WordPress Developers

In this seven-part course, instructor Daniel Pataki will walk you through the basics of JavaScript, touching on jQuery and how to add interactions to WordPress. You’ll also learn about AJAX and then use what you’ve learnt to create a custom plugin.

You’ll get the opportunity to run your code past Daniel, work on a meaningful project, and complete the course with a solid understanding of how JavaScript and WordPress work together.

Join Daniel and a bunch of other WPMU DEV members through tutorials, quizzes and module-based discussions.

And if that wasn’t enough, successfully complete the course and you’ll be certified, with a fancy PDF certificate and everything, which will be a great way to promote your services in our Jobs & Pros section or, really, anywhere else.

Enroll Now!

You can enroll any time over the next week and a half, but enrollment will close next week so get in there now and reserve your place.

What new courses would you like to see on The Academy? If you enrolled in any of our current courses, how did you go? We'd love to know what you think in the comments below.
James Farmer
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