New Academy Courses: Announcing the BEST WordPress Multisite Course on the Web

New Academy Courses: Announcing the BEST WordPress Multisite Course on the Web

You know how we’re the Multisite experts here at WPMU DEV? Well, we want to upload everything we know about Multisite directly into your brain, Matrix-style.

Enrollments are now open for three new courses in The Academy: WordPress Multisite Masterclass, WordPress Development for Intermediate Users, and (by popular demand) our CEO James Farmer’s hugely successful Dream Small, Market Big & Don’t Do It This Way course on how to start an internet business is back for another run.

If you’re a WPMU DEV member, you can enroll in any – or all! – of these courses for free!

That’s right, tons of WordPress knowledge, peer review, instructor feedback and certification, for free for WPMU DEV membersStart Learning

Since launching The Academy in April, we’ve had an overwhelming response from members eager to soak up WordPress knowledge from experts in their niche. Almost 450 people enrolled in our business course Dream Small, Market Big & Don’t Do It This Way and each and every one of those students had direct access to James so they could pick his brains. He got a real kick out of reading everyone’s business plans and offering advice on how to move forward with their ideas!

Meanwhile, a whopping 500+ people enrolled in WordPress Development for Beginners. We have developer Daniel Pataki on board to run this course, which finishes up this week. You’ll know him from our blog, Smashing Magazine and his presentations at WordCamps. If you missed out on doing in this course, don’t stress! Enrollments for a second run of this course will open later this month.

Brand New Academy Courses!

Enrollments are now open for three new courses:

WordPress Multisite Masterclass

WordPress Multisite Masterclass

In this insanely in-depth eight-week course, instructor and Multisite expert Rachel McCollin will guide you through the basics of setting up Multisite and show you how to install and configure the software and enable site and user creation by users, before delving into more advanced topics, including domain mapping, creating a community and network management. Whether you’re a Multisite noob or an old-hat at using this WordPress feature, you’re bound to learn something new in this course as Rachel turns the software inside out.

Rachel is a long-time Multisite developer who not only writes for the WPMU DEV Blog, but also for tuts+. She’s also the author of WordPress Pushing the Limits.

WordPress Development for Intermediate Users

Intermediate WordPress Development

In this nine-week course, instructor and long-time WordPress developer Rachel McCollin will teach you advanced concepts of WordPress development, including testing and releasing themes and plugins, translating projects, queries and loops, and backend-front-end concepts such as metadata, taxonomies, and custom posts. You’ll get the opportunity to run your code past Rachel, work on meaningful projects, and complete the course with a solid understanding of best practice WordPress development.

Dream Small Business Course

Dream Small, Market Big & Don’t Do It This Way

In this seven-week course, James will help you come up with and examine your business idea,and work with you on how to develop, manage and market it into a real company. You’ll get the opportunity to discuss your business ideas and direction with James, expert facilitators and your peers, and by the end of the course you’ll have a fully-formed plan ready to hit the road running. James has 10 years experience as an online entrepreneur and is a co-founder of WPMU DEV.

More Courses Coming Soon!

We have new courses on the way. Here’s a sneak peak.

Advanced WordPress Development

This six-week course follows Intermediate WordPress Development. You’ll learn the basics of object-oriented programming, writing object-oriented plugins, working with transients, using the command line, using Gulp for WordPress development, and automating WordPress with WP-CLI.

Interacting with Third Party APIs in WordPress

This is one for the advanced users. In this five-week course, you’ll learn about HTTP, the WordPress HTTP API, working with APIs, OAuth authentication, and ultimately build your own Twitter plugin.

JavaScript for WordPress People

We’ve had a huge number of requests for this course. Over five weeks you’ll learn about JavaScript, jQuery, adding interactions to WordPress, using AJAX, and how to build a plugin using your new skills.

What You Get from The Academy

Excellent tutorials delivered by experts in their niche, quality videos with real-world examples, direct access to instructors, challenging assignments, and the opportunity to chat with other people interested in the same things you are…

The real value here isn’t just the content, but the opportunity to learn.

And when you finish a course, you’ll get actual certification from WPMU DEV that you can use to promote your services in our Jobs & Pros section, or on your own site or you could just print it out, frame it and hang it up the pool room!

Every course comes with:

  • Comprehensive tutorials
  • Accompanying original videos
  • Facilitated and ongoing course discussions
  • Full comprehension exercises
  • Extra reading and reference lists
  • Weekly submitted tasks (all uploads)
  • Final complete and assessable task
  • Certification upon successful completion

We’re really excited to bring you these new courses and we get a real kick out of seeing new students enroll!

If you’re interested in joining a course, enroll now – it’s completely free for WPMU DEV members!

That’s right, tons of WordPress knowledge, peer review, instructor feedback and certification, for free for WPMU DEV membersStart Learning
What new courses would you like to see on The Academy? If you enrolled in any of our current courses, how did you go? We'd love to know what you think in the comments below.
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