The WPMU 100 – The Top WordPress Related Blogs On The Internet

The WPMU 100 – The Top WordPress Related Blogs On The Internet

The WPMU 100

Announced just a few short days ago, the WPMU 100 is intended to showcase the top WordPress related blogs. And now it is time to unveil the inaugural list. But before you delve in, consider the following key points.

The WPMU 100 is not intended to represent the views or opinions of The ranking algorithm is based upon publicly available data – the list is completely objective.

The rankings are bound to kick up plenty of debate, which we welcome. If the WPMU 100 proves to be popular, there will be updated lists in the future. Depending on the type of feedback we get, the ranking algorithm may be adjusted accordingly.

Finally, there is a chance that you will feel a worthy site hasn’t been included. This may simply be because the blog just didn’t rank (hundreds were considered), but there is always the possibility of a blog falling through the cracks. The best way to avoid this is to submit it for recommendation when the next list is produced.

That’s enough chit chat – here’s the list!

The WPMU 100

  1. News
  2. WordPress Planet
  3. WP Beginner
  4. Blog
  5. Weblog Tools Collection
  6. Blog Oh Blog
  8. Lorelle on WordPress
  9. Justin Tadlock
  10. ThemeShaper
  11. WP Designer
  13. WP Tuts
  14. WP Tavern
  15. Digging Into WordPress
  16. WP Explorer
  17. Cats Who Code
  18. DynamicWP
  19. WP Candy
  20. Tech Crunch (WordPress)
  21. Smashing Magazine (WordPress)
  22. WP Recipes
  23. Six Revisions (WordPress)
  24. WordPress Development Updates
  25. WP Zoom Blog
  26. Specky Boy (WordPress)
  27. Noupe (WordPress)
  28. Yoast (WordPress)
  29. Cozmos Labs
  30. ManageWP Blog
  31. Blog Perfume
  32. Solostream
  33. Blogging Pro
  34. WP Hacks
  35. WP Lift
  36. Pingable
  37. WP Shout
  38. Alltop (WordPress)
  39. WP Engine
  40. VIP
  41. WordPress Theme Shock Blog
  42. PixoPoint
  43. WP Theming
  44. After the Deadline
  45. WordPress Arena
  46. WP Mods
  47. Blondish
  48. WP Web Host Blog
  49. Pro Blog Design
  50. Web Development Blog
  51. WP Vibe
  52. Austin Passy
  53. The WordPress Podcast
  54. WP Pro Business
  55. Tricks Daddy (WordPress)
  56. Themergency
  57. WPSnipp
  58. Deluxe Blog Tips
  59. Do It With WordPress
  60. Web Design (WordPress)
  61. WPLover
  62. OptiNiche
  63. All4WordPress
  64. WordPress Jedi
  65. Wpazo
  66. WP Blogger
  67. WP Security Lock
  68. WP Snippets
  69. Blog
  70. WP Dude
  71. WP Mayor
  72. Zippy Kid
  73. Noel Tock
  74. WP Canyon
  75. WP Canada
  76. WP Apprentice
  77. WP Modder
  78. Latest WP
  79. WP Kube
  81. WP Life Guard
  82. Theme Grounds
  83. WP Teach
  84. WP Rockers
  85. WP For Ministry
  86. Benjamin Bradley
  87. WP Roots
  88. Labzip
  89. WP Themes News
  90. Voodoo Press
  91. Brian Krogsgard
  92. Write Click Blog
  93. Bainternet
  94. WordPress Tutor TV
  95. WP Toy
  96. Your Website Engineer
  97. Total Bounty Blog
  98. Learn WordPress
  99. WP Dezign

…Isn’t Something Missing?

What about the 100th blog? Well, the list wouldn’t be complete without, but in the interests of objectivity, we are not going to rank ourselves! You are already here, so we don’t need to be on the list ;-)

That’s It!

The top 100 WordPress related blogs on the internet, ranked objectively, and picked in part by you. What are your thoughts of the list? Any diamonds in the rough? Glaring omissions? Undeserved inclusions? Let the debate begin!