Stuck in a Career Rut? Join WordPress Careers Masterclass

Stuck in a Career Rut? Join WordPress Careers Masterclass

Are you starting out working with WordPress and need some guidance? Have you been using WordPress as a hobby but now want to turn it into a full-time job? Or maybe you’re stuck in a career rut and need some help?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then our newest course in The Academy, WordPress Careers Masterclass, is for you.

In this seven-part course, you’ll learn about the wide range of WordPress career options available to you. Developer and entrepreneur Rachel McCollin will help you identify your career goals and give you information, tips and advice to help you formulate your own career plan and follow it through.

By the end of the course, you’ll have clear goals and know which path you need to take to forge a successful WordPress career.

This course not only features real-world exercises and advice from Rachel’s own experiences, but also comprehensive case studies and interviews with entrepreneurs, business owners and freelancers who have “made it” with WordPress. Check out the video below for more: 

You no doubt know Rachel as a long-time contributor to the WPMU DEV Blog, but before she started working as a WordPress developer she spent 10 years helping people with their personal and career development.

Here’s what you’ll learn over seven weeks:

  • Week 1: Forging a Successful WordPress Career – Explore the career options available to you with WordPress.
  • Week 2: Selling Your Code (Themes and Plugins) – Learn more about releasing your code for free, finding a gap in the market, the options for selling your code, and the practicalities (code quality, support, licensing etc.).
  • Week 3: Selling a Service (Client Work) – There are plenty of ways you can provide WordPress services to clients, and it isn’t all about building websites. Options include consultancy, SEO and social media advice, content creation, hosting and site management, and security.
  • Week 4: Selling Your Time (Employment or Freelancing) – Learn about the differences between freelancing and employment (and the shades of gray in between), with a view to helping you decide which is most suitable for you.
  • Week 5: Selling a Product (E-Commerce and SaaS) – Consider what you could sell and how to find a market, minimizing risks, using WordPress for eCommerce, and using WordPress for SaaS.
  • Week 6: Making it Work (Planning and Learning) – You’ll revisit the career plan you started working on in week 1 and consider how you’re going to develop your skills, not just now but into the future too.

Enrollments are open now, with the course due to start on January 19. Enroll now and kick off the New Year with a new career!

Learn WordPress at The Academy. Free for WPMU DEV members!
Learn WordPress at The Academy. Free for WPMU DEV members!

More Courses Starting Soon!

Enrollments are also open for another five courses in The Academy:

  • WordPress Development for Intermediate Users
  • JavaScript for WordPress Developers
  • Advanced WordPress Development
  • Dream Small, Market Big & Don’t Do It This Way

We’ll also be re-launching two of our most popular courses in the coming weeks: WordPress Development for Beginners and WordPress Multisite Masterclass.

There’s a new course available every four weeks, so you’ll always find something to learn at The Academy.

Every course is delivered by experts in their niche and includes quality videos, direct access to course instructors, challenging assignments, and the opportunity to chat with other people in your course.

The real value here isn’t just the content, but the opportunity to learn.

And when you finish a course, you’ll get actual certification from WPMU DEV that you can use to promote your services in our Jobs & Pros section, or on your own site or you could just print it out, frame it and hang it up the pool room!

So enroll today – it’s free for WPMU DEV members, and if you’re not a member simply sign up for a 14-day trial to access any of our Academy courses.

Have you enrolled in The Academy? What would you like to learn in our online WordPress school? Let us know in the comments below!
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Raelene Morey
Raelene Morey Rae is a writer and blogger working out of Melbourne, Australia.