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Overview & Features

With more than a decade of experience and millions of sites hosted, let us take care of all things hosting and WordPress. We tailor your infrastructure and service based on your needs. Customize your package from the following:

High Availability Clusters

Autoscaling, load-balancing, and redundancy options with best-in-class server clusters (on AWS and/or Digital Ocean). All setups include dedicated resources and can be fully hosted in many different countries around the world.

Code Reviews

We do manual and automated code reviews of all plugins and themes - checking for both security and performance. We work closely with you to ensure that we prevent any issues before they happen.

Personalized Support

You’ll be assigned both an Account Manager and a WordPress Support Expert that will get to know you, your sites, and your needs. Complete with a shared Slack channel and direct phone support.

24/7 Monitoring

We monitor for uptime and performance around the clock, so we are usually aware of any potential issues before you or your visitors even notice. We’ll fix what we can or reach out to you as required.

Performance Optimization

We’re available to consult and collaborate on best practices to ensure your site is as fast as possible. When server related, we’ll make the changes, and we’ll work with you on how to optimize your plugins and themes.

Accessibility Reviews

Most business or organization sites are required by law to meet accessibility requirements. We can manually assess your site and collaborate on any needed improvements, ensuring that your site can be navigated by everyone.

Our Enterprise Hosting Guarantee

For every site that we host, we pledge:

99.9% uptime per month, or you don't pay that month.

24/7 monitoring of reliability and site performance.

1 hour support response time for "tier 1" response.

24 hours max for all WordPress security updates.

Over 5 million sites hosted...

Pricing & Plans

Our all-inclusive enterprise packages start at $1,000 USD per month.

That sounds really expensive!

That's the absolute minimum you can expect for this level of custom setup, support, expertise and management. Think about how much you would have to pay developers, hosts and managers to get the same...

Also check out VIP Hosting for comparison.

That sounds really cheap!

Thank you, and yes it is! But we've developed the systems and processes that allow us to manage this setup for 1000s of customers across our sister CampusPress service and WPMU DEV Hosting. We offer a free trial to everyone too, so you can check out the experience without any obligation.

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