Additional Forum Category


Would it be possible to have a sort of “General” or “Feedback” category, where certain non-plugin or support issues could be discussed?

One example topic would be like this topic that I can’t necessarily declare as relevant to any category:

Topic: Site Feedback

Mac, FF

When visiting the forums here, I’ve noticed that the username and links in the top right of this site are pushed down a notch, and it looks like it is now sitting on the link where the light blue at the top changes to the dark blue of the menu. On any other area, it is horizontally centered in the light blue.

(That’s true, and not made up, btw.)

Anyway, to me it would seem logical to have a category for topics of that nature, so that the support type cats don’t get cluttered with such threads. :slight_smile:

Oh, and kudos, btw as well. I like the submenu with the forum cats as the links. Nice. :wink: