[Branda Pro] Email templates update to something 2020 worthy :p


I got really hyped when I saw ‘e-mail templates’ in the Branda settings, because I absolutely hate writing my own HTML for mails… but then I got a bit dissapointed with what I saw…

It felt like the templates weren’t of the same high quality I got used to using the other WPMU plug-ins.

So my request: Add some new responsive & freshly designed templates for emails (and to be honest… it’s not just the email templates, it’s almost all of them), but keep it simple.

I’d be perfectly happy with the following 5 steps to create my own template:

1. Upload your logo (display somewhere at the top of the mail)
2. Fill in links to social media (display somewhere at the bottom of the mail)
3. Fill in contact information (display at bottom)
4. Fill in profile picture (so it feels like you got the mail from a person which is proven to work better)
5. Option to choose an accent color or 2/3

Then in another stage you could build upon that.

What do you think?