E-Commerce Options with WPMUDEV

Hi all,

I have been trying to build up an e-commerce site using this theme. However, I cannot get the site to look anything like a nice e-commerce site. Unfortunately I do not have the expertise to modify the theme, but this is not the point; I understand that the plugin called MarketPress is capable of a lot of things, but if the theme itself is not looking good, the backend of the store it doesn’t matter as I do not feel that I can make any sales with it.

I wathched the Market Press videos in YOUYUBE but there are no similar videos for the theme itself.

Is there any other theme in WPMUDEV that can be used for the e-commerce front end? For instance what I want to achieve is as follows:

1. Have the flexibility of introducing a big slider at the top of the page.

2. Be able to easily change the name of the store, add a tagline underneath it, add a header, modify the menus and even have at least 2 menus one for the customer account and another one for the main navigation.

3. Remove all that left-hand side bar with tags and other WP-specific things.

4. Have the option that for each category of products to have an own page, for instance if the main category is “Women Shoes” then I need to have separate pages for “heels’, “platforms”, etc. you got the idea….

5. I should have a number of filters available for type of shoes, brands of shoes, etc. and each filter to take the customer to a specific page.

Please let me know if the above are possible to achieve in WP or what is achievable to get as much as possible to such a vision.

Thank you!