Embedded chat no longer appearing

I have been using the chat plugin for a few months now in our staging site. This morning I pushed it over to our production site and have bumped in to an interesting issue. Basically, when I embed the chat using the following shortcode:

[chat id="16" log_creation="disabled" log_display="disabled" ]

It does not appear on the page. Taking a look at the page source, the chat box is being overriden by in-line CSS:

<div id="wpmudev-chat-box-16" style="display:none;" class="wpmudev-chat-box wpmudev-chat-box-page wpmudev-chat-box-moderator wpmudev-chat-box-max wpmudev-chat-box-sound-on wpmudev-chat-session-open"></div>

I’m pretty sure the “display:none;” is not supposed to be there :slight_smile: I have dug through my theme’s style sheets and I do not have anything applied to the classes assigned to the plugin so I am at a loss as to what is killing it. It worked fine in my staging site which is supposed to be a mirror image of production. Could I get you guys to take a look at my page and give me a guess as to where to start looking? I left it enabled on this page:


The page is empty except for a simple sentence above and below the embedded chat box to help me find it in the code :slight_smile: