[Forminator Pro] ongoing poll with multiple questions


hello, currently I can create polls only with 1 question and multiple answers (but only 1 answer can be selected). Could you please enable a poll with multiple choice questions (maybe up to 5 questions) and every vote is counted in the pool of all other votes. So that if you voted you would see bar-chart or pie-chart with all other people’s votes in it – this way everybody will see how many people have voted and what progress all answer choices have.

Otherwise, currently it is not fun to take the poll because I tried to place two polls on the same page (http://replicanista.com/ongoing-poll/) , but I can see results only for one of them at a time. It’s kind of lame. But if you were to take this poll (or quiz) and me, and then my alter ego, and then somebody else, and 10,000 other people – and the results would show you global results averaged and in light of the previous existing votes – that stuff would be fun to look at.