How do I integrate with LearnDash?

UPDATE: New WPMU DEV release CoursePress will knock your socks off :slight_smile:

I’m using an LMS called LearnDash that allows me to create courses and quizzes. It added a new thing to the site called “Courses” and “Lessons” which doesn’t show up in the Membership plugin admin area. My goal is to offer memberships in three different languages (to start) and I need Membership to recognize the difference between those learning Chinese versus those learning Spanish.

The Courses and Lessons pages don’t have a URL that makes them unique (no ability to add /chinese/ to the URL to add to a URL Group, for example), and these new pages don’t allow tagging by Category like a blog post. I can, however, add Tags.

The development site is located here:

I would abandon the LMS altogether except it allows me to link custom quizzes to the lessons in a way that simple blog posts don’t.

Any ideas?