How to add Comments Plus in Fancybox

Originally the plugin adds 4 types of comments to the page/post (twitter,facebook,google+,wp comments). These comments cannot be displayed correct on the posts displayed via fancybox (like in our case). The matter is the comments form uses id of the current page/post and we don’t see any way to pass the necessary id to that form called via fancybox.

That is why any comments will be related to the current page (, but not to the commented post on the page.

It can be done for facebook, since there is embedded code where it’s possible to use url and id of the post different from the current one, but there is no such option for Twitter.

2) Implementing the Post Moderation plugin.

We cannot get this plugin to work. It seems it only works on multisite? Could you please help us with this issue and the one mentioned above? Thanks

Best regards,

Frederick Ohen