sports or team calendar web theme or plugin that could link to mobile phones in the event of last mi

Not sure if this is under the correct catagory. Wondering if any one had suggestions to help me with the following tasks.

I need to be able to schedule several sports calendars (some times games will over lap with various sports) I would also need it to be able to sync with google or other mobile device calendars.

The ability to export and or input via excel. (Current data is sent to coaches via excel)

This website will keep parents informed of last minute game changes (time location etc…:wink: and send notifications to either their email or calendar.

Not sure if something like this already exists or not.

I’m not an excel expert but I know that right now I have to figure out all of my mileage for my tax’s and would also love to learn of a formula that could take the data from my master mileage chart for the various schools and populate them into the excel game schedule. Any and all help is appreciated.