Users getting access to Who Sees Ads through widget

Hi, I am a bit confused at the moment. I have added the Who Sees Ads plugin and everything seems to work out just fine, but I can´t figure out why regular users get access to the WSA admin menu and settings by adding a sidebar widget containing a WSA context. Why does WSA contexts appear as widgets at all? And why should regular users be able to add such widgets? I thought WSA could only be administered by site admin? Adding a context widget gives any user the following instruction when he/she clicks to edit the widget: “Configure and set up display rules on the Who Sees Ads administration page”, and “Who Sees Ads” is actually a link leading to admin settings not only for WSA but also other plugins inside the MU-plugins folder. Any ideas on how I can remove the widget-function of WSA? I don’t want regular users possibly messing with the admin settings… :slight_smile: