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Review All Your Sites From One Dashboard

The Hub makes it easy to monitor, optimize, and update unlimited sites from one location. Get up to speed with instant site status overviews, and label and organize your sites with The Hub’s intuitive filtering tools.

Safe & Automated Updates

Safely and securely update all of your sites, plugins, and themes. Choose to ignore selected updates, or turn on automatic updates where appropriate.

Optimize Site Performance

Get instant performance data via The Hub’s performance tab. Run a page speed test, check site response time, and get itemized insights into areas of performance that can be improved.

Harden Your Site Security

Harden and monitor your site security with The Hub. Run or schedule security scans, get an overview of security issues and suggested tweaks, and always be in the loop with alerts delivered straight to your inbox.

Manage & Automate Backups

Easy peace of mind for you and your clients. Manage and schedule automatic, incremental backups at your preference and restore saved backups at any time.

Track & Optimize Your SEO

Ensure your sites are SEO friendly and recognized by Google. Schedule or run an SEO health check, get an overview of how your site measures up, and be notified of any tweaks that need to be made.

Manage sites in your language.

The Hub is now available in 16 languages.

View Site Stats & Analytics

Stay on top of your stats with real-time site and visitor data. Enjoy a simple (yet detailed) overview of site analytics and status, and be alerted immediately if a site goes down.

Add Your Colleagues

The Hub makes it easy to add and collaborate with users - whether it be clients or colleagues. Grant customized site access, add new users, and assign default or custom roles.

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