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We’re ready to help you 24/7 with any WordPress problem. In fact, there’s someone waiting to help you right now!

So whether you’ve got a simple CSS issue with your website, need help figuring out migration, or you’re trying to set up a plugin at 3 o’clock in the morning and it keeps throwing up errors, our friendly support team is standing by – and typically responds in less than a minute.


Thank you so much!! Glad I had trouble with this project. Was a member for several years, and have never had to use your support before.

Now I know it's awesome I'll head over there now. Have a great weekend!


You’re Very welcome! And have an awesome weekend you too. :)

Sent 2m ago

This resolve itself totally different to my expectation this morning. Thank you for a really top Customer Service. I will dive deeply into WPMUDEV now... (by the way, what does it stand for?)


Aw, many thanks for your kind words! We truly appreciate that:)

As for what WPMUDEV stands for almost 10 yr back when our company started, we were mainly focused on products for WordPress Multisite. Multisite is now commonly referred to as WPMU

Just now

Today, between Ashok and Predrag (And George and Sajid), you guys not only made me look good, you helped me do a week's worth of work on a public holiday.

Thank you,
Thank you,
Thank you,

Please give these guys a raise, and - while you're at it, please give the dude a raise who thought an online chat function would be brilliant. :) it is.


All good - I’m just basking in your genius. haha.

Thanks for being online to help the mortals


That’s our duty, happy to help :)

Just now. Not seen yet
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