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Have one of our experts migrate unlimited sites for you, completely free. Or quickly and efficiently migrate with our DIY tool.

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You won’t find a smoother way to move

Our migration tools and protocols are specifically designed to guarantee successful and hassle-free WordPress migrations.

Fast and efficient

91% of our done-for-you migrations are completed in 24 hours or less. Migrating yourself with our automated tool is even faster.

Any site, any size

Our advanced migration system is built specifically to handle any type of site (and multisite) from small, big, to gigantic.

Zero downtime

During the migration process we create an exact copy of your site, meaning it’s still live and kicking while we’re moving it.

24/7 availability

Our migration experts are located all around the world, so someone is available, 24/7/365. If an urgent migration is needed our team is there.

No plugin needed

Our server-to-server ((S)FTP-driven) migration tool is faster and more reliable than using a plugin (PHP-driven) and saves you the hassle of another install.

Setup for success

Every step of our DIY and done-for-you migrations (from providing admin/host info, to WP Install Path) is designed to ensure the smoothest move possible.

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Why move to WPMU DEV?

You wouldn’t move without ensuring your new home is a good fit first. Here’s why our hosting is ideal for all WP freelancers and agencies:

Moving is easy, fast, & free

No effort required, unless you’d prefer to do it yourself. In that case, we have a super-efficient tool you can use to migrate in minutes.

Flexible & powerful hosting plans

We host sites of all shapes, sizes, industries, and performance requirements. There’s a hosting plan to fit them all.

#1 WP host on TrustPilot

We’re the number one rated WordPress host on TrustPilot, averaging a near-perfect score from thousands of real customer reviews.

Dedicated & nothing shared

Each plan uses dedicated resources to ensure peak site-speed and security. You won’t find better value for performance and features.

White label & resell

If you’re a reseller, (or looking to go down that road) our entire hosting platform can easily be branded and re-sold as your own.

24/7 live chat support

No other host provides the same level of support. From free migration assistance, to cleaning up infected sites - 24/7 help is always on hand.

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Get the full scoop on our platform, plans, and performance before you move.

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Have our dedicated team effortlessly migrate unlimited sites for you. Provide us your third-party host details and we’ll handle the entire migration process for you. Fully hands-off, all for free.


Prefer to be hands-on? Our automated migration tool ensures the process is smooth and painless.
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Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on a few factors - like the size of the site in question and which migration method you choose. We crunched the numbers and found that 91% of our “done-for-you” migrations are completed in 24 hours or less. Migrating yourself with our automated tool is even faster as you can skip any queues and you have more control over the process. But again, it largely depends on what you’re working with.

No, during the initial site migration, we create a copy of your site and put it on a temporary domain so you can review it. The only disruption may occur during DNS propagation. When this happens visitors may see a mix of your previously hosted site, or your new WPMU DEV hosted site.

Of course! We’ll happily and quickly move any number of sites to our hosting - for free. There have been multiple occasions where we’ve moved 100+ sites over for members. This is true whether you use our automated tool (DIY), or submit a manual migration request (we do it for you).

If you’re new to this, or simply don’t have time to take care of the migration yourself - having us migrate your sites is an easy and stress-free option. We’ll also be able to take care of any issues that could occur right on the spot. If you know what you’re doing, you have the FTP credentials for your site(s), and have the time to migrate yourself - our DIY tool makes the process super simple and fast. If you encounter any issues you can always contact 24/7 support as well.

You betcha! Both of our migration methods can handle multisite migrations, no problem.

We know adding domains and pointing nameservers can be frustrating at the best of times - especially if you’re moving a lot of sites. You can read our full DNS guide here, or reach out to us via 24/7 live chat / private ticket for help at any time.

Once your site(s) has been migrated to WPMU DEV Hosting, it will be available on a temporary domain ( for you to check the content. Once you’re happy everything looks good it’s time to change the DNS records for your domain and add the domain to our hosting. That’s the TL;DR version anyway. We have a full “Go Live Checklist” that takes you through every step if you could use a roadmap. Of course, there’s always our support heroes if all else fails.

Over 300 successful migrations to our hosting every month. 91% are completed in 24 hours or less.

Luís was amazingly helpful. He spent a lot of time making suggestions and helping me migrate then improve my website. I would highly recommend WPMU DEV!!
These cats are awesome. These guys really understand true help and support. I had 9 sites to migrate. They did it all for me. Not too technical and they took over. Awesome job WPMU DEV crew.

Need more info?

Check out our blog and migration documentation for step-by-step guides and tips.

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