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Move Your WordPress Site

Ship your site with a click. It’s WordPress migration made easy.

Ready to Upgrade to a new Host?

Shipper will move any site, large or small. If site migration sounds like a technical nightmare, let Shipper do the dirty work for you!

Shipper handles everything, including URL find and replace and updating your database.

Migrate With a Click

Install, run your preflight check, and let Shipper’s super servers do the rest. Move sites from host to host, or from development sites on your local machine and let Shipper take them live.

Move a Multisite Network

If you’ve got a Multisite network and are looking to migrate, you need Shipper. He’ll move each file to your new destination and make sure everything is mapped as it should be.

With Shipper, moving your network is just as easy as moving a single site.

Secure Super Servers

Shipper connects and moves your site files through a secure API connection. No packaging, downloading, and uploading files through FTP/SFTP.

Shipper works quietly in the background, eliminating downtime and ensuring safe passage.

Guaranteed Delivery

Shipper is backed by the WPMU DEV support crew. If you encounter any issues porting a site to WPMU DEV hosting, our team will step in and ensure a successful transfer (even if that means moving it manually).

Live chat support anytime, night or day.

Detailed Logs & System Checks

Shipper runs a pre-check, reports any differences, and adjusts to make your move a success. Each host is different, so Shipper comes with options. Use the default temporary folder in WordPress or set a custom working directory.

Make Your Move!

One-click import and export – from single WordPress sites to entire networks. A completely automated site migration that just works.

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