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The Customizer

This Customizer tutorial is a quality unbranded help and support video introducing users, clients or yourself to the theme customizer in WordPress.


This professional quality unbranded flash / HTML5 video introduces users to the customize screen in WordPress.

You can use it, and our other white label videos, as your branded tutorials to users, clients or internal staff… and have them automatically updated with every version of WordPress.

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This ‘Customize’ tutorial covers:

  • Navigating the customize screen
  • A walk through of the available Customize features
  • Using Customize for visual edits
  • Publishing your customizations

The Customize Screen is a live preview editor that lets you see the visual impact a change will have on your site–before making it go live.

Upload, crop and add a header.
Upload, crop and add a header.

Depending on what features are integrated with your site’s current active theme, Customize provides tools for visually editing or removing the title and tagline, uploading and cropping header images, changing the background color or setting a background image, toggling custom menus, adjusting display settings and managing widgets.

Add and reorder widgets while viewing its visual impact on your layout.
Add and reorder widgets while viewing its visual impact on your layout.

Help your users, clients or internal staff create a professional, visually stunning website layout by introducing them to the Customize feature in WordPress.


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Congratulations! You can now embed and share the unbranded WordPress training videos.

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