WPMU DEV’s 2015 By the Numbers

WPMU DEV’s 2015 By the Numbers



  • 3 Visits to our site this year from Antarctica
  • 382,794 Total number of members we’ve served over the years
  • 733,015 Domains our plugins were installed on this year
  • 1,144,665 Site visits from the UK
  • 3,857,486 Site visits from the US
  • 34,387,539 Total visits to our website this year


  • 23 Full-time developers on staff
  • 30 Part-time developers, too
  • 400 Plugin and theme updates released
  • 17,369 Code commits this year so far


  • 9.77 Our support team’s average NiceReply rating
  • 15 Minutes is our average first response time
  • 50 Average number of new posts in our forums during our busiest hour, 4-5pm
  • 117,592  Total number of responses to members via email and in the support forums


  • 388 Editions of The WhiP
  • 409 Posts published
  • 4,576 Total articles published over the years
  • 46,807 Total WhiP subscribers
  • 11,308,281 Total blog page views


  • 10 Years we’ve been serving the WordPress community
  • 28 Countries we live in, from the US to Australia, Japan, Serbia and Portugal. We live all over!
  • 62 People on our team, including developers, support crew, designers, sys admin, writers, videographers, project managers…
  • 235 Years of collective WordPress experience
  • 1,070,000 Slack messages shared
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