Say Hello to Our New Product Roadmap!

Say Hello to Our New Product Roadmap!

We’re pulling back the curtain and exposing our biggest plans for our most popular projects on our shiny new public facing Product Roadmap.

You read that right! We have big ideas, a ton of new features in the pipeline, and a bunch of teams working around the clock to constantly improve our products and services. We want to share with you where we are headed, what we have planned for some of your favorite plugins and reveal some of the super exciting plans we have in the works.

Going Full Monty

So why do we think this is a good idea? Sharing this kind of information could be risky. People not familiar with our development process could be frustrated when we miss a deadline. The list is not comprehensive so people might not see their favorite plugin and think it is not being actively cared for. The scope of a requested feature may be too narrow and this can lead to disappointment when it does not take priority. And the list can go on…

So Why Do It?

It’s really quite simple, you wanted it! So here’s some of what we hope to accomplish by making our product roadmap public:

Let’s Make Something Kick-Ass!

We want to include our members in our development process. Building what we like and need has served us well for a long time (because we are real-world end users ourselves and love our own plugins!), but there are always things we can do better and features you have thought up that would make all our lives easier. By crowdsourcing our ideas we can prioritize updates and produce production-ready products even faster for our members.

Defender product roadmap
Just a few new features coming up in our Defender security plugin.

Something to Get Excited About

We all want it now but it can be just as exhilarating to have something to look forward to. We hope seeing everything we have in the works makes you excited about your membership. We are not sitting back on our past successes – we’re using our resources to make new products and improve our services. We want you to see first-hand the value of your membership. Not just for now… but for the future.

Prepare for Growth

We know most of our members work with a bunch of clients on multiple live sites. The new roadmap lets you plan and prepare for new features, adjust service offerings and charge a little more for managed hosting and maintenance when new features drop. WPMU DEV is an investment in your business and the roadmap is your projected growth report. See how we can help improve your services, save you time and make you money through recurring revenue!

Return On Investment

If you truly see your membership as an investment in your business, you need a way to track the return on investment. The money you make using WPMU DEV products along with our expansive changelog list in the roadmap quickly make it clear that your membership is a smokin’ hot deal.

Remember, that doesn’t include the unlimited 24/7 live chat support members receive on all things WordPress (not just our products!). Or the 10GB of included secure cloud hosting, security, speed optimization and award winning image compression. And perhaps the most overlooked value in WPMU DEV, unlimited sites and Multisite networks – you can use your WPMU DEV membership for one website or even multiple Multisite networks! Literally the more sites you manage the better your ROI.

Automate product roadmap
Shhh! Top secret…

Who Doesn’t Like a Good Surprise?

So here’s your spoiler alert: If you like a good surprise stay away from the roadmap page. It’s full of little gems, projected release dates for features in development, changelogs, features in the queue and a bunch more.

We have staff committed to keeping it up-to-date and we hope this becomes a valuable asset for our members and other WPMU DEV enthusiasts.

Is there something you would like to see added to the roadmap? Let us know! We look forward to building some cool new stuff inspired by you.

If you haven't yet, go check out the new Roadmap page. If you think of something you would like added send it our way. We are always on the lookout for fresh ideas and helpful features we can add.


Joshua Joshua has been a marketing strategist, designer, and digital content producer for the past 15 years. After managing content for one of the world's largest WordPress blogs and curating content for their millions of monthly readers, he returned to his startup roots, launching and promoting new products and consulting for businesses looking to grow.