3 New Reasons Why You Should Download WordPress for iOS

3 New Reasons Why You Should Download WordPress for iOS

The WordPress for iOS team has further fuelled my penchant for stalking random bloggers thanks to their latest release for the iPhone and iPad.

Version 3.7 is out and features a fast and beautiful new native reader, making it all the more easier to follow your favourite blogs and find new ones that have been freshly pressed.

WordPress for iOS 3.7
The new native reader makes it so much easier to stalk random bloggers on Freshly Pressed and read random posts about comic book characters.

The major features in this release include:

  • Revamped native reader
  • New accounts system, ensuring the app does a better job of connecting to multiple services like your blog, Jetpack, the native reader and notification feature
  • Thai language support

The accounts system has been improved to streamline how the app manages your credentials and handles authentication, keeping your WordPress.com account safe and secure, including when you change your password or use two-step authentication.

There have also been overall improvements to the app, including bug and crash fixes. When you click on “View Admin” to check your settings, it now opens in Safari instead of inside the app, providing a better user experience.

I was keen to give the latest release a go so I updated my iPhone and fired up the WordPress app. The last time I tried to use the reader it wouldn’t load any Freshly Pressed blogs and, for whatever reason, just displayed a blank page. This time, the reader worked like a charm, loading blog image after blog image as I scrolled… and scrolled and scrolled. I spent half-an-hour reading random blogs about the sands of time and reasons to get upset about CrossFit. Did you know CrossFit Illuminati serve Kool-Aid via water fountains? Apparently so.

Anyway, the reader was first introduced in version 2.9 back in September 2011 and was originally created using some native code wrapping what was essentially a webpage and lots of Javascript. Messy. While it worked fine, it’s taken until now to get a 100 per cent native reader.

Automattic mobile developer Eric Johnson posted at the WordPress for iOS site the mobile team is keen to be ready for the launch of iOS 7 later this year and had already begun working on new improvements to the native reader. There are also some planned improvements to media and a new themes management feature.

Have you updated your WordPress iOS app? Tell us what you think about it in the comments below.

Image credits: twicepix.