Add a SlideShare Presentation to Your WordPress Site

Add a SlideShare Presentation to Your WordPress Site

Slideshare is a popular online presentation viewing service. Members can upload presentations in multiple formats, host them in the cloud and deliver them through Slideshare’s viewer. You can also use the company’s built-in WordPress shortcode feature which embeds your slide show right on your WordPress site.

What you end up with is a picture-perfect slide show presentation viewer like the one shown below, and it was added with one simple line of code.

[slideshare id=15663291&doc=googledrivefornonprofitswebinar-121216192127-phpapp02]

The beauty of a Slideshare presentation is that it can be shared via multiple social media networks, and even through email as a link. It’s one of the reasons the Slideshare platform has helped thousands of presentations go viral in mere minutes. It also looks nice when expanded to full screen!

If you’ve got a WordPress site and a Slideshare account (Free or pro) here’s how you can add your presentation.

Step 1: Navigate to My Uploads

The first step is to navigate to the My Uploads section of your Slideshare account. You can find that in the drop down menu on the right side of the top menu bar.

Main Screen in Slideshare Account View

Step 2: Select the Presentation

Your uploads screen will show all the presentations added to your account and available for viewing or sharing. Simply click on the presentation you wish to share and

Simply click the presentation thumbnail image and you will be taken to the presentation viewing screen. This is the same screen your readers will see should they watch your presentation on Slideshare’s site.

It is set up similar to YouTube in that you’ll see the presentation front and center with a commenting box below it. To the right, in a sidebar, you’ll see some related presentations from the Slideshare network, and a tab where you can view activity on Facebook related to that presentation or related presentations.

For our purposes, we need look no further than the top menu bar of our presentation player.

Step 3: Copy the WP Embed Code

Most video and slide show players require an iframe or longer html code, and Slideshare is no different there…except when dealing with WordPress. On the top right on the player menu bar you can click the <>Embed  link and a modal window slides down with more options (shown in the image below).

Underneath the iframe code is a “Customize” button, which when pressed drops down additional options, in particular:

  1. the ability to remove related content slides from the end of the presentation
  2. start on any slide you want – not just at the beginning of the presentation
  3. modify the size and shape of the embedded player

And below those settings you’ll see a custom snippet in the form of a handy short code that can be used only with WordPress blogs. Copy that code and pop over to your blog post or page. Paste it in the editor screen and save your changes.

No messy iframe code or complicated options to add onto HTML or URLS. Just a nice, neat shortcode and a fancy presentation player…on your blog!