Add Privacy Controls To The BuddyPress Activity Stream

Add Privacy Controls To The BuddyPress Activity Stream

New BuddyPress plugins are being released just about every day, and once in awhile there’s one that stands out with the potential to be universally useful. That’s the case with the new BuddyPress Activity Privacy plugin. It gives users the ability to restrict who can see their activity posts.

Once installed and activated, BuddyPress Activity Privacy adds the following privacy controls to the post update box for members:

  • Anyone
  • Logged In Users
  • My Friends
  • Admin Only
  • Only Me

Why anyone would select the “only me” option, I can only guess. Perhaps it’s a decent alternative for those who like to vent on social networks. “My Friends” privacy option puts the BuddyPress core friends component to good use, making it worthwhile for users to send and accept friend requests.

Certain privacy controls are component-dependent. For example, the “Friends Only” privacy option in the dropdown will not show up unless you have the Friends component activated in the BuddyPress settings panel.

When posting within a group the group-specific privacy options will be added to the dropdown, inlcluding:

  • My Friends in a Group
  • Group Members
  • Group Moderators
  • Group Admins
Group-specific privacy options

In the past, the lack of privacy controls has turned many people off to using BuddyPress. This new plugin should help to alleviate some of those concerns, since most of the content flows through the activity stream and group components. I’ve tested the various privacy controls and they all seem to work just as advertised. The BuddyPress Activity Privacy plugin is one I would recommend for any BuddyPress site. It gives each member multiple privacy options on activity posts and should encourage more confident participation on your social network.