How to Add Subtitles to WordPress Posts

How to Add Subtitles to WordPress Posts

Titles, of course, attract a lot of attention. If you feel you need a little extra time for your title, you might try using subtitles. If styled appropriately, they just might grab some more of your visitor’s “title attention time.”

While you could add subtitles to WordPress in a very manual way, as usual, there’s a plugin for you that will make the job easier.

Secondary Title Plugin

A plugin you can use for this job is called Secondary Title.

Once activated, you will see a new box in your write/edit screen to insert  your subtitle into.


The plugin comes with a number of settings in the backend that will let you determine where subtitles appear.

For example, you can automatically insert the subtitle box for post, pages, custom post types, certain categories, or specific posts. The plugin also gives you tips on styling the subtitle to your liking.

If, however, you want even more control over where your title appears, you can insert a line of code into your theme’s template files.

Here’s a look at a sample subtitle that I placed below my main title in my theme’s template file.


And that’s it.

Trying some subtitles out on your site might just be the trick that helps you convince potential readers to read on.

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Aileen Javier
Aileen Javier A past writer for WPMU DEV