Quick WordPress Tip: Future Proof Your CSS Stylings With Add To All

Quick WordPress Tip: Future Proof Your CSS Stylings With Add To All

Quick WordPress Tip: Future Proof Your CSS Stylings With Add To AllWe all love WordPress. However, there are plenty of potential stumbling blocks that await the uninitiated or inexperienced. It can be all too easy to add a few customizations to your theme files, only to see them disappear when you upgrade. You can enter your analytics code into your theme’s settings, only to have it disappear when you swap themes.

There are of course multiple solutions – s0me of them simple, some of them a little more complicated. If you want a headache-free remedy, check out this brand new plugin – Add to All. It has a few useful features:

  • Add upgrade-proof custom CSS
  • Change-proof implementation of Google Analytics, StatCounter and Kontera (with more to come)
  • Add HTML content to header and footer files
  • Add HTML content before and after RSS content

Groundbreaking plugin this is not, but it will be of use to some WordPress users. The purpose of being able to add HTML to the header and footer is not immediately apparent to me – you just don’t have enough control over placement for it to be useful (in my humble opinion).

For instance, as a little experiment I decided to see if I could use the plugin to implement a simple Hello Bar style element to the top of my blog. I used this CSS and HTML:

Add to All

Which produced this end product:

Add to All

As you can see, the bar does not stretch the width of the site (presumably because the HTML is wrapped within a containing div). If you cannot control the placement of the HTML within the header and footer files, I see no obvious useful applications of the feature.

But besides that, Add to All is a useful little plugin if you want an easy way to future/change-proof your custom CSS stylings and 3rd party analytics/advertising snippets.

Download it here.

Creative Commons image courtesy of New Mooon

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