Refer Your Way to a WPMU DEV Lifetime Membership

Refer Your Way to a WPMU DEV Lifetime Membership

So, WPMU DEV affiliates are back and better than ever…. introducing our new ‘Refer a Friend’ program.

It’s been a dream to reimagine our rewards system in a way that protects the integrity of the web and honors our tens of thousands of faithful Devians and superfans.

And it’s your opportunity to earn a lifetime WPMU DEV membership (worth thousands!), so check it out :)

The Struggle is Real!

Incentivized promotion distorts just about every “Top 10” and “Best of” post on the web. How can we get an unbiased helpful review when they are primarily made up of affiliate links?

Side note: It’s the reason we started the WhiP, to help cut through the crap. The WhiP is our affiliate-free, hand-picked, professionally-curated, pun-filled WordPress newsletter. The best tutorials, reviews, opinions, and more from around the web. It’s both ad free and $ free. Cheers!

On the other hand, we have thousands of members that need a, “thank you”. You love WPMU DEV and sing her praise on your website, to your friends and clients, at Meetups and at WordCamps.

So, we set out to create a tool that minimizes the damage done by a few that take advantage of and manipulate the system and honors the loyal long-standing readers and WPMU DEV fanatics.

From the bottom of Devman’s heart, thank you.

Introducing Our new ‘Refer a Friend’ Program

It’s not cash but it’s good as gold… and it could end up in a lifetime membership saving you thousands of dollars.

Refer your friends, clients, or social following to earn 3 months, 1 year, or a lifetime WPMU DEV membership!

Refer a friend and get 3 months, 12 months, or a lifetime membership free
A free WPMU DEV membership has never been so close.

How Does it Work… Points That Make Sense

We’ve had a point system in place for a long time… but like your facebook relationship status… it was complicated. Not anymore!

Get your referral link and share it with the world. Every time someone uses your link to become a paying member of WPMU DEV you get 200 hero points. Get 600 hero points and you can cash them in for 3 months of WPMU DEV for free. It’s like $147 in your pocket.

Trade hero points for a lifetime membership
Guess what I did? I traded my points for a lifetime membership.

Refer enough folks and you could earn yourself a lifetime membership. That’s $49 per month, every month, for the rest of your life… geez!

Set a Goal and Track Your Progress

Plus, we’ve added a referral link stats tracker so you can follow along as your friends click through, take advantage of the offer, join the WPMU DEV community, and get you one step closer to that lifetime membership.

WPMU DEV Hero Points tracker
Follow along as your friends join and add hero points to your account.

Current members can get their link here and if you haven’t made the jump yet here’s more information. If you haven’t shared WPMU DEV yet click the Refer a Friend button to get your link.

We want you to get those free months and we want you to see it’s within your grasp. You can do it!

But You Don’t Even Need to Be a Member!

Who can participate in said program? (I’m glad you asked.)

Everyone! You don’t need to be a paying member or on a free trial. Get your referral link here.

Want to Get There Quicker?

Start a free trial and get Hero Points for things like being helpful on the forums, completing your profile, or becoming someone’s hero. Members can gift you up to 200 points and heck, we give you 50 points just for becoming a member.

At this rate you’ll be to your 3-months-free thank you reward in no time ;)

Thank You and You’re Welcome

So whether you’re a long time member, WhiP subscriber, or avid reader of the WPMU DEV blog, share your affiliate link. We’re looking forward to upgrading you to lifetime member status as a big fat thank you.

If all this feels a little like insider baseball, or you’re not quite a WPMU DEV superfan, it’s time to upgrade. We think the best way to become a believer is to try it… so we’ll get you started for free. Enjoy your free trial on us. WPMU DEV makes WordPress about a bazillion times faster, more secure, automates a bunch of your site management and reporting, is packaged with 24/7 live chat support, and includes 3 sites of dedicated hosting. Boom… you’re gonna love it.

So what do ya think? Share your link and tell us how we can improve in the comments bellow.

Aileen Javier

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