Some Amazing WordPress Statistics to Brighten Up Your Day

Some Amazing WordPress Statistics to Brighten Up Your Day

If you’re an avid user of WordPress, you already know that it’s the greatest publishing tool and CMS on Planet Earth.

But sometimes it’s fun to crunch a few numbers and remind yourself of how much ass WordPress really kicks.

Amazing facts and statistics about WordPress
The WordPress ‘Wow Factor’

So I’ve scoured the interwebs this morning, and dug up some fun little factoids. These data nuggets really illustrate the dizzying heights that the WordPress community has reached. Enjoy!

Some WordPress statistics…

    • WordPress 3.3 has been downloaded over 12 million times. This latest version of the software was released on 12 December 2011, making that an average figure of 105,263 downloads per day.


    • 16% of all websites run on WordPress in 2012. That’s an estimated 58,000,000 sites.


    • Indonesians are the most prolific WordPress users on the planet. is the 8th most popular website in Indonesia. By contrast, it’s the 21st most popular in the United States, and 18th in the United Kingdom.


    • WordPress holds 53.8% of the market share for Content Management Systems. Over half of all webmasters using any kind of CMS have chosen WordPress. Joomla, the closest competitor to WordPress in terms of popularity, holds just 9.2% of the CMS market. Drupal sits in third place with 6.7%.


    • WordPress has been translated and localized into at least 73 different languages. This has been achieved entirely on a volunteer basis, by passionate WordPress users in all parts of the world.


    • There are 19,017 plugins freely available in the WordPress Plugin Directory. Altogether, these plugins have been downloaded over 285,000,000 times, or nearly one download for every citizen of the United States.


    • Over 20,000 people make their living with WordPress. Developers, designers, consultants, bloggers and countless other professionals use their WP skills to put bread on the table.


    • Speaking of which, WordPress skills are in higher demand than ever. According to the latest Online Employment Report at, WordPress programmers rank second place on a list of the 100 most sought-after freelance professionals. Generic PHP programmers rank first.


Over to you – got any fun WordPress statistics up your sleeve? Leave a comment below this article and share your quirky wisdom with crowd.

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