Animated Weather Widget for WordPress

Animated Weather Widget for WordPress

Animated Weather Widget for WordPressTry and say that five times in a row fast without tripping over your tongue. It is possible, but it is difficult.

In the meantime, I will amuse myself with the fact that I actually convinced you to do that.

Anyway…the Animated Weather Widget for WordPress by (to give the plugin its full name) is, as you might expect, an animated weather widget for WordPress. It is very much a plug and play affair – just head over to your widgets page, and place it wherever you would like:

Weather Widget

As you can see, you have the option of entering a place name, or you can leave it blank for the widget to auto-detect a visitor’s location. As the name of the plugin suggests, the auto-detect will only work for visitors in the USA, but you can manually select international locations.

The widget looks nice enough, with a graphical representation of the weather along with the vital statistics you would expect:

Weather Widget

Clicking on the widget will bring up a more informative display in a lightbox:

Weather Widget

From that screen you can click on the icons at the bottom to switch between fahrenheit and celsius, or to look at an extended forecast.

There’s also an alternative widget that matches what you see when you click on the little one (i.e. the screenshot above).

All in all, Animated Weather Widget for WordPress is a simple little plugin that will serve anyone’s basic needs for weather on their WordPress site.

Download Animated Weather Widget for WordPres here.

Creative Commons image courtesy of Nicholas_T