Protect Your WordPress Site With The AntiVirus Plugin

Protect Your WordPress Site With The AntiVirus Plugin

Falling victim to a malicious WordPress attack can really spoil your day.

The AntiVirus Plugin for WordPress
Viruses don't look this cool in real life

Keeping your site safe and secure is of paramount importance, especially if you’re starting to get greater amounts of traffic.

Protect your WordPress site - AntiVirus PluginJust like you run an antivirus program on your computer to keep it safe, you can install a plugin that performs the same task on your WordPress installation.

For a basic low-maintenance solution, check out the AntiVirus for WordPress plugin, written by Sergej Müller.

The plugin offers a one-click scanning option, which checks all of your template files for malware and viruses, and alerts you if anything suspicious is discovered. There’s also an automatic daily scan function, which allows you to ‘set and forget’.

There are plenty of security plugins available for WordPress – check out the Plugin Directory if you’re looking for an alternative solution. For further info, have a read of these important tips on securing your WordPress site.

Are you using an antivirus plugin on your WordPress site? Let us know about your experiences.

Image credit: Virus Alert from Bigstockphoto.