Are You a Better Blogger Than a 5th Grader?

Are You a Better Blogger Than a 5th Grader?

Each day, I have the humbling experience of coming across amazing blogs written by students in some cases as young as five years old.

As part of the Edublogs team (a sister company to, it is easy to be blown away at the shear number of students that are writing about difficult world issues and sharing in great detail new things that they are learning in school.

Over the past few years, educator Sue Wyatt has graciously volunteered her time to organize a free global Student Blogging Challenge that has evolved into arguably the largest collaborative education experience across the globe.

Thousands of students from every corner of the world have participated in unique challenges that teach students blogging and writing skills such as commenting, internet safety, widgets, creative commons use, and much more.

If you know of any educator that might be interested in getting their students involved, be sure to pass them this link – registration is now open and the first challenge will start next week! We’re also always looking for volunteer mentors, preferably with a background in education, to leave comments on student blogs and provide feedback throughout the challenge.

Though Edublogs provides support  and a home for the challenge, we welcome bloggers from all platforms – including, Blogger, and many more.

Be sure to visit the student list and checkout some of these amazing blogs – students love comments and having their blogs read by others!