Automate – Now With Scheduling and Instant Email Alerts!

Automate – Now With Scheduling and Instant Email Alerts!

It’s awesome how many WPMU DEV members have embraced Automate, our automatic backup, update and safe upgrade tool, and today we’re excited to announce two new features brought to you by popular demanded from our members; schedules and instant email updates :)

So just in case you haven’t met Automate yet, here’s why you should really say G’Day to our WordPress hero from Downunder, as he basically:

  1. Detects that an update is available for plugins, themes or the WP core (you can configure which ones you trust)
  2. Checks your site is up and working well and takes a screenshot
  3. Runs a full backup to WPMU DEV (you get 10GB of free backup space as a member)
  4. Updates your trusted plugins, themes and WP core (if selected)
  5. Checks your site is up and takes another screenshot
  6. Compares the two screenshots to determine whether there has been a problem or not
  7. Emails you the results :)

Oh look, you just saved hours and hours of backing up and updating multiple sites! And your site is secure! Not bad eh :)

And of course, keeps them in a nice log, just like the one below.

Automate overview screen
Automate keeps everything up-to-date with safe upgrade. Stress-free automatic backups and upgrades.

And now, you can also set Automate to perform all of this on a schedule of your choosing!

By design, Automate checks for site for updates every 6 hours (about to be 3, we’re just doing some scaling), to make sure that all security issues are patched as soon as they are released and so that you don’t have to waste your valuable time backing up your site and applying updates.

But we understand that a lot of our members are cautious about having their site constantly probed and keen for backups or any server intensive activities (like updates) to happen at a safe time.

And, should anything go wrong, members don’t want their site to go down at 4 a.m. while they’re sleeping and not know about it.

So now you can simply select the days and times that you want Automate to run!

Just select Scheduled Update from ‘Settings’:

Let automate run on his own schedule with default settings.

And you’ll get the options window where you can configure Automate to run whenever you choose:

Now Automate lets you choose what days and times you want updates to run.

Too easy! You’ll never miss a problem again :)

And, naturally we didn’t stop there, why add one awesome new feature when you can add two… say hello to Instant Email Alerts:

Turn instant email alerts on and only get notified when something seems off.

Essentially, a lot of our members don’t want to receive an email for every single Automate run, especially if you’ve got, say, 100+ sites managed by WPMU DEV, which a lot of you have.

But you *definitely* want an email update when there’s something wrong, as detected by our Safe Upgrade feature that I mentioned at the start, so now you can select the % in variation between before and after screenshots (and naturally, if we detect your site has gone down, that’s a red flag straight away!) and if the updates create anything at or above that variation, we’ll immediately send you an email.

Automate with peace of mind and enjoy the efficiency, time saved and security patching that you want. Strewth, not bad ‘eh Cobber… now we’re cooking with gas!

We've got some incredible new features in the works and would love your feedback. Pop over to the roadmap and let us know what you're most excited about in the comments!
James Farmer
James Farmer CEO of Incsub, WPMU DEV, CampusPress & Edublogs