Automatically Add Users to Sites Across a WordPress Multisite Network

Automatically Add Users to Sites Across a WordPress Multisite Network

When navigating a WordPress multisite network, it’s important to note that users of one site are not automatically made users of other sites across the network. Ordinarily, users have to complete the regular registration process with each site they want to join.

Mika Epstein, otherwise known as Ipstenu, is a prolific multisite plugin developer. She recently released Join My Multisite. This is a brand new plugin that makes it easy for users across a multisite network to join each other’s sites. After network activating the Join My Multisite plugin, each site admin will have three new options for new memberships on their own sites:

  • Auto-add users – any time a logged in user visits a site, they will be automatically added to that site
  • Have a ‘Join This Site’ button in a widget
  • Keep things exactly as they are

Have a look at the settings page:

In addition to the new membership options, site admins can also automatically assign new members a specified user role, using the dropdown menu on the plugin’s settings page.

The membership options determined by this plugin are also available through a widget that each admin can easily drop into any widgetized area of their WordPress theme.

If one of your site admins has registration turned off, this plugin will not affect that. Visitors will not see the ‘register’ button.

As the network admin, you may understand the ins and outs of how WordPress multisite networks work, but visitors more than likely have no idea, especially if the sub-sites are well connected and themed to be similar to one another. They may not understand that they are not automatically members of the other sites. That’s where this plugin is very useful. It lets you eliminate that point of confusion by giving site admins the option to automatically add new visitors as users. Another benefit is that it helps to prevent your networked sites from getting too fragmented and isolated from one another. Download Join My Multisite for free from the WordPress plugin repository.