Best WordPress Video Chat Plugins – Based on Your Needs

Best WordPress Video Chat Plugins – Based on Your Needs

There are many amazing video chat plugins for WordPress, but which one to choose? That’s the real question.

It’s certainly a fantastic way to connect to your customers, audience, and team from around the world, all from the comfort of your own home, office, or both.

In today’s post, we’ll look at which plugin is right for you based on how you want to interact with your clients, fans, co-workers, or employees — seeing them face-to-face from within your WordPress site.

Since many of these plugins let you integrate video chat with your site, it means you also have the option of limiting access or even adding video chat as a paid feature with WPMU DEV’s Membership Plugin.  You’re definitely in for a whirlwind of fun with all the possibilities these plugins have to serve up.

  • Business Meetings, Collaborations, or Webinars - VideoWhisper

    If you need to conduct business meetings right from your WordPress site, VideoWhisper's Video Consultation plugin is an amazing option.

    If you want to conduct interactive meetings, collaborate efficiently with your distributed team, or provide webinars for your clients, then the Video Consultation plugin by VideoWhisper is right up your alley.

    Not only does it include a video feed for multiple people at once, assign moderators, and integrates with pages, it even includes a widget which shows active chat sessions and the number of participants along with a link to access the video chat session.

    Now here’s the best part. What really separates this plugin from all the rest is its features include a chat box next to the video feed as an alternate form of communication, and also allows file transfers to share documents to each participant. So not only can you see your team members and communicate your ideas easily, fluidly, and quickly, you can also collaborate on projects for peak efficiency. You’ll forget emailing your team is even an option once you try this plugin.

    It’s available on an affordable subscription of $35 a month without hosting included, so even small businesses can succeed with this plugin.

    VideoWhisper hasn’t thrown in the towel after one plugin. They have other video great video chat plugins if you have other plans for your WordPress site. If you have a band and want to reach out to your fans globally, you’ll want to pay attention to their other products.

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  • Live Video Streaming for a Global Audience - VideoWhisper

    Stream your concert, class, or other events live, right from your WordPress site.

    If you want to stream your event live to an audience around the world, then start getting excited.

    With VideoWhisper, you can create an online TV station. The WordPress Live Streaming plugin from VideoWhisper allows you to stream your concert, seminar, training meeting, class, or other events, live, right on your WordPress site. This plugin isn’t even limited to streaming your events live; you could go as big as creating your own online television station (except without the involvement of your TV).

    You can stream your live events with this plugin, and also display ads side by side to encourage future sales. The features also include a chat box, so your viewers can interact with each other while they watch. You can even limit how much a user can watch at one time if you’d like, create multiple streaming channels to create your own online version of a TV station if you’re really ambitious.

    If you want to allow streaming of your live events to paid customers only, that’s easy, too. Since the plugin allows you to embed the video stream right onto your chosen page, you can easily add a membership plugin to sell subscriptions to your live video streaming events.

    If you want to share your art or business with millions of people around the world in order to create more awareness and customer retention in a dynamic, new, and fun way, then this is definitely the way to do it. VideoWhisper is available by subscription for $99 a month if you have your own hosting, which can be worth it if you’re willing to go the distance and really put all the plugin’s great features to use.

    If you think this is great, but you’re looking for a video chat plugin to help you from more of a customer service angle, then read on.

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  • Comprehensive Customer Service - VeriShow

    VeriShow's WordPress plugin is a great way to provide superior customer service

    We all know by now that customer service is a very important part of a successful business, and it’s important to put your best effort in keeping your customers happy.

    If you’re looking for a new way to help your customers efficiently while also adding a touch of class, then the VeriShow video chat plugin is worth checking out.

    Their plugin is WordPress-ready and offers an easy-to-use customer service-friendly chat box with a video chat option inside. You can situate the chat as a pop-up, or even as a sidebar. You’ll be able to offer a very personal touch when it comes to assisting your customers, no matter where they are located. If your customer is really stuck, then you can offer the screen sharing option to show them exactly where they need to go, and what they need to do, click-by-click.

    VeriShow offers a two-week trial if you want to test the plugin out, and their plans start at $99 a month, which includes video chatting, document sharing, and even a white board.

    If upgrade to $149 monthly, they throw in basic branding, co-browsing, form filing, the ability to display your customer’s video feed, and customer documenting.

    This plugin definitely offers an enhanced customer service experience for those who really want to make their clients happy. Their plans are a bit hefty, but reasonable when you consider this plugin’s capabilities.

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  • Social Media - VideoWhisper

    VideoWhisper's Video Conference brings video chat to a social media setting.

    If you want to offer signed in members the option to chat with each other, including video chat, then there’s a plugin for that, too.

    Video Whisper has also developed video chatting with social media-style WordPress sites in mind. You can set up public or private chat rooms for your site’s users to chat the old-fashioned way – by typing – or they can also video chat, share files, and start their own chat rooms.

    This plugin also comes with a convenient widget, which displays the available chat rooms and the number of people in them. With that, you can make the video chat available to all members, right up to a select few.

    It also integrates well with BuddyPress. A tab will appear where the chatting takes place.

    While there are other video chat plugins with social media capabilities, this is definitely the best option. Not only does it look beautiful on your site, it’s easy to use and navigate, and it offers a really strong and reliable service in exchange for a reasonable subscription of $25 a month if you have your own hosting.

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  • Personal Blogs, or a Personal Touch - Skype Master

    Add Skype buttons to your WordPress site with Skype Master

    If you’re a Skype fan and wished they offered a plugin, well, this is the next best thing.

    Skype Master adds buttons to your WordPress site to show your availability, and in the premium version you can even include buttons to activate a Skype video chat session. Your site’s visitors can do that right from your site for an added personal touch that you can’t match without them seeing your beautiful face.

    In their premium version, you can also include a button for your visitors to add you as a contact, send a file, or even leave a voice mail, for $35.

    It’s a fantastic plugin if you love Skype, want to stay connected with a friendly audience you love, and you’re not too concerned about offering video chat capabilities on your site with white labeling options, integration into your site, or other advanced features.

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Summing Up

Whether your needs are simple or complex, these video chat plugins will help give your business or blog a personal, and professional edge.

Just make sure you’re prepared for the influx of calls.

Image credits: Vidtok, VideoWhisper, VeriShow, and Skype Master.