Blog About WordPress…Full Time! WPMU DEV Is Hiring Content Creators

Blog About WordPress…Full Time! WPMU DEV Is Hiring Content Creators

Are you a talented blogger who can wrap your head around pretty much every medium and subject matter?

Do you also like your tech, and particularly the wonderful platform that over 30% of the web calls home, including this site and pretty much all of our customers sites?

And would you like to become one of the leading voices in the WordPress web development community by joining the WPMU DEV team as a full time writer and content creator for our blog?

Well, that’s great, because we have at least one opening to do that, full time, from anywhere in the World, as an ongoing staff member (with plenty of benefits!), as of, well, today.

Join Our Merry Band of WordPress Hero Experts!

Here’s what the job entails…

  • Writing about, illustrating and creating videos regarding all things WordPress
  • Doing it so well that your work eclipses every other WP industry site out there
  • Being part of our dynamic community, coming to WordCamps with us, having fun
  • Thoroughly enjoying yourself

Here’s what we’ll do for you to get you in the door….

  • Give you time and support you need to create brilliant posts (we only ask for 2 per week!)
  • Pay you a very competitive rate (USD) along with 20 days paid leave / year and tonnes of other benefits
  • Provide you with the opportunity to work from absolutely anywhere in the world
  • Not bother you with more than 2, maybe 3, meeting s a week and keep them short and awesome :)

Here’s what we’re hoping you can bring to us…

  • Perfect, clear, engaging English that’s both a pleasure to roll through and super easy to read
  • Experience in blogging, ideally with a technical bent (although you don’t need to be a coder)
  • Ambition, keenness (we like keen) and a ceaseless desire for engagement and traffic
  • Independence where you do not need an editor and take responsibility for the quality of your work
Writer Content Creator
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I’m ready to get started! Where do I sign up?

Here’s how the hiring process goes:

  1. Apply here and submit some of your work (ideally in a related field, but that’s not required)
  2. We’ll send over a short trial task…this is basically to weed out people who aren’t keen :)
  3. We’ll then take a look and get back to you with details of a short paid trial
  4. You show us how awesome you are, we make you an offer, we all live happily ever after

Looking forward to hearing form you!

This job may be a perfect fit for you or one of your friends! Apply, tweet it, post it, email it share it...we'll be looking for you application.
Aileen Javier
Aileen Javier A past writer for WPMU DEV