BuddyPress My Moods Plugin Adds Moods and Smileys to Status Updates

BuddyPress My Moods Plugin Adds Moods and Smileys to Status Updates

Want a fun way to get members interacting more on your BuddyPress site? BuddyPress MyMood is a new plugin that lets members post moods and smileys with status updates on profiles and group pages.

Posted moods then show up in the activity stream where other users can comment on them:

A user’s most recent mood post shows up in the profile header above the most recent status update.

One great feature of this plugin is that it is entirely customizable through the dashboard, should you wish to change or remove any of the moods in the dropdown list.

In the settings for the plugin you can manage every aspect of the moods. As admin you can add your own custom moods and/or delete any of the existing moods in the list.

Chances are that this plugin will be a big hit with your community if your members love to express themselves and their moods through frequent status updates. Of course, it may not be suitable for all BuddyPress-powered social networks, but the flexibility exists for your to re-purpose it by changing the dropdown selections entirely.

After testing the plugin, the only thing I would change is to have the smileys and the mood attached, instead of selecting them each separately when posting the status update. Other than that it works really well and fits into the BuddyPress interface like a natural feature.

Download BuddyPress MyMood for free from the WordPress plugin repository and test it out for yourself!