BuddyPress Showcase: 12 Unique and Inspirational Sites

BuddyPress Showcase: 12 Unique and Inspirational Sites

Want to see what designers and developers are doing with BuddyPress these days? Here’s another installation of our BuddyPress eye candy series, featuring a few of the latest communities with uniquely customized themes. Newcomers to BuddyPress always have questions about how flexible the platform is for theming. If you’re wondering what’s possible with BuddyPress, just check out a few of these sites for a bit of inspiration.

Love This Tune

Love This Tune is a community for people who love music videos. At this site users can watch thousands of music videos online for free.


This is a community for chocolate lovers. Their mission is to provide the information, inspiration, and products necessary for healthy, natural healing.

iPhone Blogger Community and Social Network

The iPhone social network is a community of people who share common interests and connect to other iPhone bloggers. Users can create profiles, groups, forums and exchange messages.

Little Sketchers

Little Sketchers is a place to document and share the art and ideas of children. Parents can join the community to create a studio for their children to explore the power of doodling, the power of visual note taking and discover a new way of learning.


PressCrew is the home of the Infinity Anti-Framework, a WordPress theme to free you from frameworks. The community areas are a great place to learn, discuss and contribute to the project.


This is a Christian social network for expanding awareness and build support for ministries. It allows users to create a new network and start promoting ministries to their friends as well as others in the community who may be interested in getting involved.

Down Syndrome

Downsyndrome.com brings people together to help their communities be more informed and accommodating. It’s a site where users can make friends and share stories and information.

Beer Credits

Beer Credits is a social networking site dedicated to beer enthusiasts. Users can create, post, and read reviews of crafted beers.

Grow Academy

Grow Academy is a community dedicated to strengthening digital minds and preparing future web workers through boot camps led by an industry expert. Students have the opportunity to practice their skills on the internet under guidance.

Energy and Environmental Industries Forum

The Energy and Environmental Industries Forum is a community which helps businesses and individuals in the energy and environmental sector to meet, connect, trade and grow.

Coming of Age Now

I have to say this is one of my all-time favorite BuddyPress communities – I’ve read every story on the site. It’s an interactive way to explore Holocaust history through the stories of survivors.


Hip90 Fitness TV

Hip90 is a virtual fitness community for people who speak German. Users can participate in sessions with dynamic fitness videos such as body shaping, Pilates, Latin Dance and Fight Club, stretching and more every week.

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