CampusPress: A WordPress Hosting Revolution For Schools, Districts, And Universities

CampusPress: A WordPress Hosting Revolution For Schools, Districts, And Universities

Just a few minutes ago, we released our latest project into the wild.

We call it CampusPress, and it is the next big evolution from our sister company, Edublogs.

Image of a university campus.
Being steeped in tradition doesn’t mean you can’t also be at the leading edge

Managed WordPress Multisite Hosting

CampusPress officially becomes the first fully managed WordPress hosting provider that specializes solely in WordPress Multisite.

What sets us apart from other hosting options is that we include a default group of plugins and themes that we support and maintain as well. There’s no need to purchase additional plugins and theme subscriptions, or decide between which plugins to use.

There’s also no headaches with plugin conflicts or upgrades breaking a site – we make sure that never happens.

We handle upgrades, caching, backups, user authentication, and end-user support.

While the majority of our customers are schools and universities, we also provide hosting for non-profits, businesses, and other organizations too.

Moving Beyond Blogging

Edublogs, as the name implies, has always been about blogging.

Educators’ personal blogs, class blogs, and student blogs.

But we found that many of our customers were using our platform, and WordPress, for much, much more. isn’t going anywhere and will continue to be the best and largest blog network in education. The brand new will allow us to better meet the needs of those with our white-label and dedicated networks that wish to host websites, magazines, and so much more.

For example, check out these CampusPress hosted sites:

You can see more examples of many of the ways WordPress is used in education here.

In The Beginning

A screenshot of the first Edublogs home page.
The first Edublogs homepage. Yikes!

You might be interested in a bit of a back story – and knowing more about how Edublogs, CampusPress, and WPMU DEV are all related.

Edublogs really should not be called the ‘sister company’ of WPMU DEV, but rather its ‘mother company’. You see, without Edublogs, there would be no WPMU DEV.

Edublogs was established in 2005 as a blog network for education – one of the first WordPress MU networks ever, and even launching a week before!

We built tons of plugins and features for Edublogs that people were constantly asking us to make available.So, that is exactly why WPMU DEV was born – a place for us to release the plugins that we had developed for Edublogs. Many of our most popular plugins would not be anything like they are today if it wasn’t for the fact that we build our plugins to actually use on our projects like Edublogs too.

Just as with how WordPress has come into its own as the king of all CMSs, our Edublogs users have been increasingly pushing their blogs to the limits, with amazing results.

We’d meet people, and get emails, that ask if they could use their blog for websites, online classes, social networks, and more. After so many of these types of questions, it was clear that the Edublogs name might be turning people away! And thus, the idea for CampusPress was born.

What’s Next?

The launch of CampusPress marks just the beginning of an exciting year planned for WPMU DEV and Edublogs.

Until then, tell the school where your children attend, or a friend of yours that is a faculty member at a college or university, and let them know they should check out CampusPress and bring WordPress to their school.

Better yet, get in touch here and ask us to set you up with a free trial.