CAPTCHA’s Suck. Here’s Your Free Alternative to Protect WordPress Forms

CAPTCHA’s Suck. Here’s Your Free Alternative to Protect WordPress Forms

Are you tired of CAPTCHA’s? I bet everyone is. An annoying sequence of Q and A that is occasionally impossible and usually implausible. Made up words and difficult-to-decipher audio clues make getting into a website more difficult than it needs to be.

Are You a Human’s PlayThru gives you a new option, available for WordPress in the form of a plugin called Are You a Human – Free CAPTCHA Alternative. Once installed, it gives you the ability to provide security for your site’s comments and registration forms in a new way. It is easy to install and difficult to circumvent. Here’s how it works:

Your visitor plays a game, which Are You a Human feeds into their algorithm to continuously improve their security. This makes it easy and fun for your users, and simple for you to keep the buggaboos out of your WordPress site, while providing your users with a secure and fun way to access their accounts, leave messages, and provide you with invaluable feedback and interact with your website.

What does this look like? Here’s a screenshot of a protected registration form:

After a user clicks start he’ll see the game:

You can elect which WordPress forms you want to protect in on the plugin’s settings page:

Are You a Human makes for a great way to distinguish between your real visitors and the snarky bots that are waiting to take over your precious real estate. You will need a publisher key to install PlayThru, which can be acquired from the Are You a Human publisher portal. To get your key, go ahead and create and account on their registration page.

This plugin gives you the ability to provide your visitors with a simple, entertaining and enjoyable way to get through your site’s security to get to what they really want in the first place: a way to enjoy what you’ve spent all of your hard work trying to provide.

It makes your site genuinely interactive for real humans, instead of forcing your would-be users into a computerized gotcha of a captcha. Download the Are You a Human – Free CAPTCHA Alternative plugin to start making it easier for your users to get involved on your WordPress site.